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  1. always the same, that he co-wrote God Contro and that some kind of agreement is coming and his fan base support him 100%. IDK
  2. Casey Spooner shiting again on Ig and Fb!?
  3. from the title I presume that this song is a dance banger but it's another I................ song (like I'm so stupid)
  4. 1_ Malumadonna 2_ Cruciatus curse on Joan of Arc 3_Guns for fun (in my video) 4_Future bad song top list 5_Dancing with bottle on my head 6_Song for every type of caste 7_I sing then you whisper 8_Bipolar Bitch 9_Dream is alive 10_Midwestern Bitch 11_Anitta 12_Putin 13_Gipsy blood 14_Autotune Mercy 15_Song for gays
  5. I love vocal and piano on demo version (clip) of GC, like some previous demo (girl gone wild, gmayl...) demos are better then final version.
  6. so she won`t work with Mirwais never again
  7. _______________ I Don't Search I Find_______________Crave (B.Benassi remix edit)
  8. Hq pics, Madonna in veil from dark ballet video?
  9. its art, it reminds me at those crazy piano sisters from IGTYAS
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