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  1. Segments: Magic (new visual accompany with the album, good witch); wish list: Nothing´╗┐ Really Matters, Bedtime story, Skin 4 min to save the world (visual_cowgirl fashionista, mother earth, save the dolphins and peace to the world) wish list: 4min, Sorry, Don`t tell me Mambo (visual: Mama Africa, prints, colors)_acoustic_ wish list: Swim, Paradise(not for me) Queen (visual: original sinner, club whore)_electronic_ wish list: Hollywood, BIM, Rescue me Encore_impressive instant+ray of light
  2. alen

    Justin Timberlake thread

    stellaaaaa http://en.vogue.fr/vogue-hommes/fashion/diaporama/what-can-we-expect-from-justin-timberlakes-super-bowl-outfit-designed-by-stella-mccartney/48801?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#la-tenue-de-scene-de-justin-timberlake-par-stella-mccartney-pour-le-super-bowl-2018_image1
  3. alen

    Eurovision thread

    Jacques Houdek is inded duetting with himself he sing the "Babyface" voice and the "Pavarotti" voice. I hate the song btw
  4. ALCHEMIST _Drowned World /Substitute for Love (opening like in DWT) _Bedtime Story (1995 Brit A. reinvention_with black hair) _Candy Perfume Girl (like DWT) _Frozen (black gothic dress) _Has To Be (video) GEISHA (like DWT) _Open Your Heart "Swell"_Interlude _ Nothing Really Matters (reinvention of 1999 Grammy) _Human Nature (dance inspired by Kinbaku_ consensual sexual bondage ) _Mer Girl/Sky Fits Heaven (like DWT) _Swim (anime video) FRIDA _Pray for Spanish Eyes (macabre tango dance) _La Isla Bonita (like DWT) _ Veras _The Power of Good-Bye TECHNO DANCER (into the silver club) _Shanti/Ashtangi (video) _Skin _Ray of Light
  5. alen

    Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

    i love Goldfrapp but new sigle, for me, is meh
  6. alen

    Goldfrapp - Silver Eye

    TRACK LISTING: 1. Anymore 2. Systemagic 3. Tigerman 4. Become The One 5. Faux Suede Drifter 6. Zodiac Black 7. Beast That Never Was 8. Everything Is Never Enough 9. Moon In Your Mouth 10. Ocean
  7. alen

    Eurovision thread

    My top 3: Spain, Latvia, Bulgaria Croatia <3
  8. alen

    Eurovision thread

    shit it is lol
  9. alen

    Eurovision thread

    go croatia
  10. 1- Ray of light, Music, Erotica, Like a prayer, Like a Virgin 2- American life, COADF, Bedtime Stories, True Blue, MADONNA 3- Rebel heart, Hard candy, MDNA
  11. alen

    RANK the Tours BY COSTUMES

    Blond Ambition Tour (total iconic look) Drowned World Tour (dsquared2 cowboy lover) Confessions Tour (visual grammar treat from beginning to end) Girlie Show Tour (D&G bromance) Virgin Tour (legendary costumes) Rebel Heart Tour (<3 the Japanese rockabilly by PRADA) Who's That Girl Tour (JPG corset + everything else that goes on it) Re-Invention Tour (I'm just here for the Lacroix corset & Chanel robe) Sticky & Sweet Tour (Riccardo Tisci save the tour costumes) MDNA Tour (no, just no, even JPG failed to save this fashion disaster in each segment)