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  1. She`s featuring on song Still Feels Like The First Time on new Zoot Woman album
  3. new song give me MARIAH CAREY vibe
  4. From W magazine: Turns out the "ro-mah ro-mah-mah" isn't just catchy gibberish — it's the first half of the word "romance." Whaaaat?! That's right. The whole thing was brilliantly planned by Gaga. Which: Of course! I don't know how I could ever think it would be anything but. romance
  5. another year and another Beyonce performance on SB, expect it on Telephone with GAGA
  6. Hey Girl "Hey girl, can you hear me, are you holding out your heart? / Hey girl, do you feel me, sometimes I go too far / Hey girl, it ain't easy, I know it's pulling me apart / Hey girl don't you leave me, Hey girl don't you leave me / Hey girl, Hey girl / We can make it easy if we lift each other / We don't need to keep on oneing-up another" Lady Gaga + Florence Welch
  7. make me ... meh
  8. la la la goes on and on and on with Zoot Woman (Stuart Price)
  9. britney back in V mag photo by M.Testino
  10. Adele Calls Madonna To Say Hello; Madonna Hangs Up