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  1. She was not a fan at all. She's always been trying to victimize herself so she really did not have any other choices but praising M. Because then the public and her dumb fans would take her as a good good girl and the VICTIM in this whole feud while M is the bitch or jealous old hag as always. This is her way to pull the public on her side. And if she really was a fan, there is no way she could want M to "sip that tea"
  2. so this is REAL?! i thought its a joke?!
  3. she plays victim nonstop and after that, the more she asks her fans to stop bashing, the more her monsters feel the need to do it for her.
  4. wtf is this poll it's beyond ridiculous. I won't bother to vote
  5. omg I was laughing so hard when I saw that pic Such a queen of life love her sooooo much!!!
  6. It's always my favorite, brilliant work of art!
  7. 3 days since last post, still no update Our girls got bored already
  8. but anyway, i feel like we should leave rocco alone...
  9. don't think so... i don't think insta ever shows activities that way it looks like R is mentioning that kevin person in the comments, telling him to fuck off
  10. That person Rocco is replying to seems like a madonna fan Just checked his insta
  11. lol i tried to follow rocco but got blocked by him immediately
  12. that kind of thought always freaks me out
  13. she's ill+ the rain + the shooting + she probably just want to end "this shit" after all these time on the road i can totally understand the reason why she didn't do the first section but at least the team should make an announcement or something to keep thousands of fans waiting in the rain and didn't even give them a full show is plain rude and annoying i mean as her fan i know she won't cut the show short just because she doesn't feel like doing it, there must be something serious, but sometimes an explanation is necessary and it will make people feel much better
  14. too bad... and i see some tweets saying M looks tired and barely moved on stage... hope she's ok and her team really need to say something about it, this is TOO MUCH
  15. some people said she went on late again and cut the show in half
  16. that sasha bitch could really go to hell how the fuck could you say such thing when you are a member of the team it's not like people saying shit to their friends and family about their jobs, this kind of comments made PUBLICLY by M's own dancer would only give the press more materials to use against her such an unprofessional dumbass and hopefully she won't take the check since she was not proud of it at all
  17. was it sold out? someone says it's half empty
  18. I'd absolutely DIE for that but look at what she says in the backdrops on both sst and mdna, i doubt that could ever happen
  19. so fed up with all that lady caca shit please don't mention her again m...
  20. she did the first line of give it 2 me at the beginning of celebration?? anyone has the video??
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