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  1. Half of the pictures are not showing! Is it my compuer?
  2. Nikki your post reminded me some 'fans' reaction to the early MDNA footage. I think it was on Madonna Tribe forum, that many said the footage looked was so bad that Madonna will never finish the MDNA Tour! HA!
  3. I love her face without make up. I love her Bowie T shirt. I love Sticky and Sweet. Never seen soundchecks from that tour. Thank you for posting
  4. Hey it was very thoughtful of her to post this on the international woman day! I've been feeling caged lately so it's amazing she posted this message.
  5. She is giving us a glimpse of the Secret Project in such a subtle, gentle way, unlike Steven Klein . She waited for the right time, and is letting the images speak, instead of blabbing for months about basically nothing. I love her
  6. This is music to my ears! Karma is a bitch. I bet Elton is so embarrased by his statements. http://www.examiner.com/article/madonna-slaughters-elton-john-on-brazilian-tour
  7. OK Love Marvin, but what about Adrien Galo? He had a close bond with Madonna on the tour. He's so amazing!!!
  8. Madonna Reveal the Secret project is trending almost everywhere. Good stuff.
  9. This thread is nothing compared to Twitter. In the past cople of days I've seen some of the biggest meldown I ever witnessed from Madonna fans! LOL madonna fans gone mad, including myself.
  10. Madonna is talking about a revolution. Maybe she's the master mind of the project and not just a featured atist. that's why her role may be much bigger than the rest (whoever they are). After all, she's been on something with Steven klein since last November or even before. I think we are in for a big surprise.
  11. Cher hates Madonna I think, or doesn't respect her. Sucks that she's involved.
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