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  1. MeravA

    Rewind: S&S Soundcheck SP

    I love her face without make up. I love her Bowie T shirt. I love Sticky and Sweet. Never seen soundchecks from that tour. Thank you for posting
  2. Jamesy when was Madonna crying? During Like a Virgin? Any footage of that somewhere? Oh and thank you again !!!
  3. MeravA

    The Smug Bitch of Vegas

    I see two smug blonde bitches. They didn't deserve to be there. Fuck! Guy got them in?? what a waste. But OMG that video is amazing
  4. MeravA

    The DVD

    Why should she be in the editing room? There are people getting paid to do this job!
  5. MeravA

    The DVD

    Pasqual you are on fire Thank you!
  6. MeravA

    The DVD

    What power rangers mask ? Seems like the vocals are different in the video.
  7. I'll never forget her 'you tight ass motherfuckers' . Out of the five incredible MDNA shows I've seen the second MSG night was the best. She was on FIRE .
  8. MeravA

    The DVD

    That's the raspberry version (not a clear picture).
  9. MeravA

    The DVD

    :wow: Love it. It's great that we talk about this magnificent tour while we wait for the DVD. Makes the wait much easier.
  10. MeravA

    The DVD

    I love all the celebs coming to her show, looks like an award show red carpet Where was David Bowie ? I thought he atttended.
  11. MeravA

    The DVD

    It also seems she got tanned in some of the pictures.
  12. MeravA

    The DVD

    HOT !!!!! Thank you. She changed the shirt for music ? really?
  13. MeravA

    The DVD

    I didn't realize she had more outfits.
  14. MeravA

    The DVD

    yay hyper We totally need a thread for that brilliant tour !