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  1. MDNA Tour Pictures Thread - part 2

    Half of the pictures are not showing! Is it my compuer?
  2. MDNA Tour Pictures Thread - part 2

    Nikki your post reminded me some 'fans' reaction to the early MDNA footage. I think it was on Madonna Tribe forum, that many said the footage looked was so bad that Madonna will never finish the MDNA Tour! HA!
  3. This is music to my ears! Karma is a bitch. I bet Elton is so embarrased by his statements. http://www.examiner.com/article/madonna-slaughters-elton-john-on-brazilian-tour
  4. Twitter: MDNA Dancers

    OK Love Marvin, but what about Adrien Galo? He had a close bond with Madonna on the tour. He's so amazing!!!
  5. MDNA Tour Pictures Thread - part 2

    :inlove: WOW! :wow:
  6. Jamesy when was Madonna crying? During Like a Virgin? Any footage of that somewhere? Oh and thank you again !!!
  7. Twitter: MDNA Dancers

    Marvin's fan club is formed here I see . I'm totally in !
  8. Twitter: MDNA Dancers

    OMG so HOT!!! i still don't understand if those are photos taken at the show or not. It looks like the are posing.
  9. MDNA Tour Pictures Thread - part 2

    OMG where did you find this? I think I watched this performance from every date, and I would have remembered such fabulous moment. How did I miss this?

    Finally I see Boris! Thank u for posting. Miss my daily MDNA dose.
  11. Twitter: MDNA Dancers

    Drew Dollaz on the other hand What a sweetheart. He was so cool and looked so grateful for the chance to be pary of that amazing thing. Luv him.
  12. Twitter: MDNA Dancers

    Yes Emilie was rude after the NYC shows and I didn't even approach her. My friends were 'like get over yourself woman'... She acted like she couldn't be bothered with the fans.
  13. Twitter: MDNA Dancers

    You are right Mat Guy. I think Emilie feels she's in Madonna's inner circle . I get that feeling from her twitter messages, and from soundchecks videos.
  14. Twitter: MDNA Dancers

    Emilie was very stuck up in NY that's for sure.