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  1. L O V E W O N Same sex marriage is now legal in Australia! Congratulations everyone!!
  2. Best song to sing in your head! You just wanna shout it out and let everyone know what a great song it is. Love the melody the rhythm! So good!!
  3. Never heard this one! My favourite is demo 3. Love the way it builds durning the 2nd verse. This demo doesn't sit with me tho... Doesn't seem to go anywhere and kingdom does weird... Probably because I'm used to house tho.
  4. Omg the build during the 2nd verse in demo 3! :superman: The whole of demo 3! :superman:
  5. I don't like drugs. I drink huge amounts of water thinking it'll flush them out of my system faster.
  6. So I'm currently playing Rebel Heart via Spotify and it's playing the demo version of Inside Out?! Is it just me? I'm playing the regular version of the album as well not the one marked with (Deluxe). It actually sounds like it's been mastered? What's happening?!
  7. Omg this demo is life! The opening with the water drops, to the slow build into the chorus to the Lord Lord lift me bridge! Its perfect!!! I love the final but this demo still nudges part it. I have had it on repect in the car since it leaked, no joke. Edit: I think I like this version more because its more fun to sing, seems more uplifting and positive. Plus the bridge.
  8. I hope the tour has a medieval theme!!
  9. Is it just me or can I hear a sample of 'Across the sky' in this?
  10. Why is the first verse repeated for the second?? They should have keep the structure of the demo, but keep the finals break.
  11. Is that it?? It looks a lot smaller then I expected... Not much seating. I was expecting a place as big as the MTV place she got the MDNA tour award at, there were seas of people... Can the public buy tickets to this event?
  12. I didn't want to open a new thread for this question, but why is it we only have a handful of promo pictures from this era? Her team seems to use the same images over and over... Edit: And why is there no cover for LFL yet? Or is the pink wash over the album cover the cover...
  13. Has anyone noticed that BIM samples the horns from UB and also features a sample from inside out!
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