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  1. Australia legalizes marriage equality!

    🌈 L O V E W O N 🌈 Same sex marriage is now legal in Australia! Congratulations everyone!!
  2. Cyril Hahn

    After trying to find some new music, I came across a few goodens from a new Swiss producer named Cyril Hahn. Anyone know any other producers that use similar ambient house beats like this??
  3. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    Why is there no DVD rips of the MDNA Tour on Youtube, but rips of all the others?
  4. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    Ugh, the products look so fancy and exclusive, but the branding and image is so tacky!
  5. Madonna Steven Klein Appreciation Thread

    Love the work he does in black and white, such as secret project and the get stupid intrude for Sticky & Sweet. Miss the days of collecting the HQ shares from Madonnarama. I think this new Vogue polaroid shoot may just be my favorite,though!
  6. Which tours have you seen live?

    Only seen Rebel Heart (Australia). Would have lived if I saw confessions and MDNA
  7. Madonna covers Vogue Italy Feb 2017

    Does anyone know if this is available in Australia?! Pacifically in Sydney?! 😍😍
  8. They/she spent money and effort to not only record the bloody show, but to edit the fuckin' thing aswell!! There will be a release of some sort I'm sure! Maybe not physical but there will be a release.
  9. The whole performance, but at the 4:00 mark, in particular, that spin! Such grace. Could you imagine dancing with M like that every night for the tour!
  10. Roger does Papa don't preach :D (American Dad)

    If I could be roger, life would be complete
  11. Ms biggest career mistakes, missed opportunities etc..

    She went out on stage to introduce Avicii at Miami Ultra and asked the crowd if anyone had seen Molly, which is a reference to the drug MDMA or Ecstasy. This was during promo MDNA, so she was also (kinda(?)) Linking it back to the album. She then got into some beef with DJ 'deadmeu5' about it on Twitter.
  12. Dunno if it counts but Miles away for S&S?
  13. Always noticed the sound but didn't realize what it was! Good ear
  14. The breakdown at the end... Lord!!! I used to blast that shit so loud!