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  1. Seems it’s def next week for the vid. Today is just the single release.
  2. It has more to do with the mouth falling/remaining open (same for the eyes) than it does about odor. Most bodies are embalmed, especially for open casket services. Today, they glue the eyes and mouth shut rather than sewing them. I have watched way too many documentaries on mortuaries, etc. lol.
  3. It has nothing to do with odor. Most bodies are embalmed prior to services and buried before the deeper decomposition process begins. The lips are sewn to keep the mouth from falling/remaining open (same for the eyes). Today, both are glued, not sewn.
  4. That Italian rumor has been going around for hours now. Had it been true, I would imagine we would have heard something by now.
  5. The song you hear at the beginning of the 1-min trailer she released the other day.
  6. I’ve heard tomorrow after the single premieres.
  7. I heard he just meant his personal Apple Music screenshots were what Drowned Madonna, etc. were using in their posts/articles, not that he created anything.
  8. I believe the LN contract has already expired..? Her deal with Interscope was a separate deal, and this is her final album for them (under the terms of that contract)..
  9. Was it really a leak or do you think we were bamboozled with a fake cover and tracklisting?
  10. Apparently, it has been removed from the iTunes and Apple Music platforms it first appeared on. You are still able to see the album info by pre-saving the single here: https://umusic.digital/pdzqxl/?fbclid=IwAR2T_6M-Wpkc7hExBazVqH-gWnzAvnTidu7kSOlEWOU1MZeo6mWmcoLH1QE
  11. Now I hear it appeared on various Apple Musics around the world but has now suddenly disappeared
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