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  1. If it was a greatest hits tour I honestly couldn't imagine anything else closing the show than Like A Prayer.
  2. The Next Tour?

    What venue is this? It's definitely a photo of Beyoncé's show but from what I've seen she's played to packed houses every night?
  3. This isn't accurate. I went to Edinburgh and her stage time on the ticket was 8.45pm, and she was onstage by 9.20pm, making her 35 minutes late. Don't know where you added that extra hour from. To be honest most shows don't start till 9pm anyway so she really wasn't that late considering.
  4. Sydney - 20th March. Final show [part 2]

    She will forever be held as the benchmark for a female performer and an international pioneer.
  5. SYDNEY 20 March - Final Show!

    Farewell to the Rebel Heart Tour. Have an incredible time anyone at the last show tonight!
  6. Say goodbye to the Rebel Heart Tour

    I can't believe we've arrived at the last show already. This tour has given me incredible memories of seeing her. Twice in NYC and again in Glasgow. What a year she has gave us.
  7. What is your name on snapchat I'd love to follow your journey!!!!
  8. Manila February 25

    That CFY video made me cry. She's the best.
  9. Where is all the pre show audio everyone is talking about? The file I have is just from the intro onwards?
  10. Macau February 20

    Surely she'll perform them still just on the heart stage? I wonder if the cage for Iconic will be used.
  11. The fact there are random lights hanging right at the back of the arena is good too, means they want the whole arena lit up which is usually for a DVD. Here's hoping! Edit: there is a crane at the bottom of that video in front of the heart. Please be DVD night!
  12. The BOXSCORE thread [part 1]

    Glasgow was pretty much sold out, there's no way it was less than 11,000 I would say? Maybe to do with this whole 'what live nation expects her to sell/what was actually sold' thing?
  13. I was down at the front as well & didn't notice any sound change. That 20 minute announcement was true they said it maybe 2 or 3 times that the show would begin in 20 minutes and for everyone to take their seats. Very strange.
  14. I knew I would get round to it eventually hahaha