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  1. this one works since the beginning someone posted it before : https://meerkatapp.co/thierryv/bd25f769-f84d-4231-b8e3-c7415317ce3c
  2. Hi Guys, HAS SOMEONE SEEN MY WIG ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. She's smiling a lot I love it The MDNA Tour was majestic, iconic and huge and everything but I feel like she's having more fun on this tour !! But maybe it's just because it was the first date... Anyway I think I might end up prefering this one. And she sounds amazing !!!! Nothing like this turn up the radio MESS imo
  4. No, it's just that it's more expensive than Spotify.
  5. Don't you think it could juste be for the tour ?
  6. We can't really see but I think I like her face more like that
  7. Mama looks THICK. I love it
  8. She looks like Brigitte Bardo hair + makeup when she was young !!!
  9. Can't say I'm sad that it's not successfull though
  10. Well there's the RH tour first, then a movie.... so nothing before late 2017 I think.
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