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  1. Bytch I'm collecting cans on my block and moving to section 8 so I can look like this!!
  2. Happy Birthday Sir William!! :inlove:

    1. Bill


      Thank you Sir Christopher!

  3. I have to admit I've been scared to read this thread for fear that one of our own members would be injured or worse. My sincerest wishes to anyone and everyone affected by the devastation.
  4. I was just reading about this! Look at Patricia compared to Katrina: #PrayForULIZOS
  5. No I didn't post this on my insta for fear that I might see her on the bus again. You never know which hashtags she checks!
  6. Here's a photo from 2013 or 2014 when I rode the bus to school: The black stuff is her bunched up panties and yes, she kept her hands under her breasts the entire ride!
  7. My lawns looking pretty ugly these days. but I gots to save da wawa
  8. This makes me sad that there are way more targets in my area than walmarts I need to see this insanity in person! PS Imagine what happens in florida walmarts!!
  9. @ her sandals flying off! @ Johnny talking shit! @ White trash at its finest (she was in a motorized cart!) @ no one helping and just filming it!
  10. Omg it's playing right now as I type this in jamba juice!
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