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  1. andy lassner (@andylassner) Tweeted: 5:54 am Good morning. I’ve already watched this 6 times. what a goddamn tool he is.
  2. Bill Barr is a criminal (@yesmaybenot) Tweeted: @arlenparsa @MuellerSheWrote I added the curb your enthusiasm credits to it https://t.co/9nmOtP1cof He literally looks like he’s about to burst into tears in the bottom clip.
  3. He’s a Chuckie doll. I wonder if he’s even capable of blinking anymore?
  4. Pod Save America (@PodSaveAmerica) Tweeted: "He's a piece of shit." — @AmbassadorRice on Lindsey Graham Hear the rest of her interview on tomorrow's #PodSaveTheWorld https://t.co/9GQITwlSlg I echo Susan Rice’s sentiments. Hate Lindsey Graham.
  5. People that make the peace sign in photos should burn in hell for eternity anyway.
  6. The people at the straight pride parade are Lady Gaga at the 2014 Oscars.
  7. I’d say he’s about one bucket from the colonel away from turning into Chris Christie. Keep eating and clogging those arteries though, you fat fuck. The sooner the better.
  8. Precisely. Nobody watches mtv theses days anymore. Certainly not for the music anyway. I wasn’t expecting anything anyway. Will be the same at the Grammy’s so anyone expecting any major noms should probably prepare themselves now sadly.
  9. I’m not posting the photo as I can’t even bear to see it again but what vile, disgusting, cruel and cowardly people. Between this and the “send her back” people my head is about ready to explode and it’s only 7:30 am here. https://t.co/igPPv5Ik4n?amp=1
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