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  1. Yep that Girlie Show band I wonder what God Control would sound like hahah must be like heaven. There were 2 back up singers if I am not mistaken at pride
  2. That's typical dutch hahaha don't think it was rude he should have asked the esc question like that
  3. According to a dutch news paper interview she thought euro performance was great so why not for pride I just hope this time there will be back up singers to support her . This event can't turn into a total meltdown afterward too
  4. Favourite song now... the video makes it even better She looks beautiful and the mole, been waiting for it to make a come back finallu lol Love Love the early 80 NY style
  5. Eurovision Final is a big event in Europe 200 million people watchng, people wer waiting hyped up for madonna to perform and it wasnt well received. Right away she was slandered and trashed . And it wasnt for just a bum note so I and others feel bad about it
  6. I quess people we're expecting Like a Prayer with a disco stumping beat. It is sad to see everywhere you read she is slandered for the vocals on like a prayer. Like Jazzy jan said right from the first notes I heard it went wrong and I got so nerves I didnt see the performance properly. After watching it again it's not good and it's unforunate it happend on a live show with 200 mln viewers
  7. I was so nerves I didnt see the whole performance properly It felt like something was wrong in the beginning she was really nervous. Tv commenters were horrible Hope they upload it soon so i can see it calmed down
  8. Yes you are right it's not a good look. Just hoping it was on purpuse but telling in public the biggest star on earth she cant get that stage if Hope they work it out and not turn into a media disaster afterwards
  9. Aren't they just creating drama and confusion to gain a big surprise effect on saturday?
  10. She is going to show the world what performing will be like in the future like she did 30 years ago. So exiting i have a nevous stomach all week!
  11. Yonce 's gonna burn tha house down with her new single Fuego
  12. I love watching it too you keep on watching once you started and as I am dutch these 2 are from Amsterdam.
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