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  1. gigi

    Eurovision thread

    Austria is my winner!
  2. gigi

    Eurovision thread

    Austria 12 points Love the song and performance Bulgaria and Czech Republic also favourite. as for Israel an Cyprus it's entertaining but possible winners I dont get the hype.
  3. gigi

    Eurovision thread

    As always we dutch are trashing our own performance act base on a 40 second rehearsal clip I even heard it possible could offend people cause of racism. He chose to have 4 dancers they will do krumping as it's the outlaw of dance he says.
  4. gigi

    Time traveling on YouTube

    I love watching it too you keep on watching once you started and as I am dutch these 2 are from Amsterdam.
  5. gigi

    Eurovision thread

    I didn't like the winner at all, it was all a joke for him. At least we all know what music should be like and can't be to much entertaining. Had a great evening with lots of fun and good crazy music. Was a bit dissapoined for my dutchies they sang great during rehearsals but the final was a bit off and singing and crying is not a good combo.
  6. gigi

    Eurovision thread

    I am a proud dutchie
  7. gigi

    Eurovision thread

    The worst song of all has won....WTF!
  8. gigi

    Eurovision thread

    GOoooo....Douwe BoB!!!! I luv u 2!!
  9. gigi


    Oh Lordy the meltdown That bottom Papi was ready for it and loved it.
  10. so can expect a second perf like it was rummored
  11. here you all are, I am sooo tired i was refressing the page fot the last 20 minutes not realising thereĊ› a new tread.. I cant keep my eyes open but gave to see madonna now after all this waiting