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  1. Vogue Express Yourself Open Your Heart Like A Prayer Live To Tell Papa Don't Preach Holiday Survival Thief Of Hearts Beat Goes On
  2. Madonna’s Instagram

    In 1992 i wanted a gold tooth too lol. That look was Iconic. The grillz are moronic. But i understand she likes it just to piss people off
  3. The whole problem is is after years of doing botox and liquid facelifts you need more and more to keep it plump and wrinkle free. Now I find she is going too unnatural hope she doesnt go too far. She is still the most beautifull icon in the world!!!
  4. Highlight and contour you guys make them cheeks pop
  5. I just finished watching and loved it. Borderline such a great song. As for the jokes they were making fun of their own aging too so wats the big deal. It showed to me in what fabulous era I grew up the one and only icon who showed us the way.
  6. Fabulous performance I never could find it on yt. The end with donna and nikki sounds great. There wouldnt be enough safespaces if it was today.
  7. Touched for the very first time!
  8. One of my favourite songs, WTG is life!! at 10 years old locked in my room waiting for this performance to be shown at mtv madonna weekends. Last week been listing to this cover I really like
  9. I would buy and try it all if I had the coins. Guess it is only for the material boys and girls .
  10. I loathe the video version!! So dissapointed the single version wasn't used for the video. I love the dated 90's
  11. YouTube reaction videos

    love watching those reaction video's.