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  1. 1. Hold Tight 2. Ghosttown 3. Living For Love 4. Devil Pray 5. Joan of Arc 6. Iconic 7. Bitch I'm Madonna 8. Unapologetic Bitch 9. Illuminati
  2. Maybe. I don't think so though, I'm a vegan and although I don't always agree with PETA I do pay close attention to them. They were giving Katy so much praise for using people in animal costumes at the superbowl as entertainment rather than real animals (all for publicity of course). I wouldn't be surprised if they post about Madonna saying how great it was that she used dancers and not real bulls.
  3. Loved it! I'm obsessed with the goatish horns on all of the "bulls", very demonic/Maleficent.
  4. Other fanbases certainly do that, you just don't see it until you're immersed into said fanbase. I have a lot of friends who are major Mariah and Xtina fans and I see conversations/retweets on twitter all the time about those "complainer" fans. I think it just happens to people eventually, they get really stuck on wanting and expecting a certain thing that nothing becomes good enough anymore. That being said, I think a little bit of complaining is normal. If someone prefers the demo over the official, who gives a fck? You like what you like. I prefer some demos from ROL and MDNA over the official versions and yet somehow the CD still plays and life goes on.
  5. I love it too but let's be honest, everyone has that ridiculous week of "OMG BETTER THAN RAY OF LIGHT" whenever she releases new material.
  6. I really like the album. Some of the changes confuse me, but I think it sounds really amazing all together! Hold Tight went from a rather forgettable demo to one of my favorite Madonna songs in years - it's very Baby Don't Lie. Iconic has also been heavily improved along with Joan of Arc, Wash All Over Me, Veni Vidi Vici and HeartBreakCity. Holy Water sounds great, but the demo was a more cohesive souding "collective" song, whereas the final version is a little noisy for me. And I love both the demo and final version Body Shop. Cute song. I don't understand the change in Rebel Heart. The demo was admittedly a little dated sounding, but it was a big and epic song. Personally, I don't think the version we're getting on the album seems worthy of being the title track. It's still okay- but it's no longer even close to being one of my favorites as it once was. But all in all, I'm loving it! Best of all, the "original 6" still hold up against all of this newer stuff and are still some of the best songs of the group. I've also read some of the threads and saw some discussion about Queen (which I LOVE). I know everyone has a different opinion on it, but to me, this song is about Madonna saying that while she will always be the queen, her years of being on top of absolutely EVERYTHING are in the past. She has accepted this and has decided to make music that she loves to make above all else. Other girls will come and "take the place" of being the "it girl" of the moment - as they always will - and that's okay. We all know who she is and what she has done/does. It gives me a very strange feeling to listen to, but I love it all the same. I can't picture any other pop star of her level (or even levels below) making a song like this. (Can you imagine Mariah putting out a song "The diva can't sing"? ) Also, as people have said before, I don't think Madonna see's herself in a "queen" way either, but I think she understands that she is seen that way by others.
  7. I just love Body Shop!! Sounds like a cute little indie record but with a very sexy/naughty theme that only Madonna could pull off in such a way. Not to mention the "ahh" noises she makes giving off toned down Like A Virgin vibes.
  8. Does anybody know what it is she says before the chorus kicks in? Right after "let me blow up this house tonight" and before "we go hard or we go home", there's some word/phrase that she's yelling. It's driving me crazy and I can't figure it out. It almost sounds like she's screaming out the name of the artist who sings that "Stay High" song. "Tove Lo!!!!"
  9. To this day, the perfection of this song is the only thing that my father and I have ever fully agreed on.
  10. 1. I'm Addicted 2. Falling Free 3. Girl Gone Wild 4. Best Friend 5. Love Spent
  11. My favorites thus far are as follows: Addicted (The One That Got Away) Messiah Holy Water Rebel Heart S.E.X. Wash All Over Me Veni Vidi Vici Nothing Lasts Forever I also love Graffiti Heart no matter how corny it is.
  12. 1. Devil Pray 2. Living For Love 3. Ghosttown 4. Unapologetic Bitch 5. Illuminati 6. Bitch I'm Madonna Funny because I loved the "Bitch I'm Madonna" demo but something about the finished version is not doing it for me. Also, If it's coming out of these six, "Living For Love" should be the first single.
  14. "Unapologetic Bitch" sounds so much better than the demo version, and even though it's still not necessarily my favorite style it totally sounds like something "Human Nature" Madonna would have hoped to be singing 20 years later and I just love that.
  15. I'm gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I love the lyrics! They sound a little "witchy" for a song named Messiah, but I'm good with that.
  17. It's not bad but Falling Free is one song that just doesn't need a remix
  18. I hope Holy Water is for real! With that title, it just couldn't be a bad song haha
  19. I'm really enjoying all the looks she's been giving us recently! I too hope they have to do with the album as well. She's been posting some great pics and producing great shots from her photoshoots. Only thing I haven't been crazy about recently are the corny hashtags/possible song names...like rebel heart and unapologetic bitch lmao. Katy looks gorgeous too! I don't think they will sing together though. I can't even picture it, honestly.
  20. Loving the pictures I'm seeing from this everywhere! Sexy
  21. Hahaha! Love her! Second only to Ms. Rivers!
  22. Dance 2Night is my song!! Also love Heartbeat and Devil Wouldn't Recognize You. It's not my favorite album as it's not my favorite music style, but I will always have fond memories of it because I was 16 or so and it was the one time Madonna was really big while I was in high school. They were playing her new music at school dances as opposed to just during the "80's section".
  23. I like Natalia's music for Natalia, but I'm more pleased with her working with Avicii. Natalia and Madonna is just bleck to me.
  24. I don't think so but the song Pharrell did on Kylie's new album reminds me of Hard Candy big time.
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