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  1. http://elitedaily.com/news/politics/tweets-rise-hate-crimes-uk-brexit/1535300/
  2. Yeah, I'd like to know why Madonna never fixed those very noticeable wrinkles under her eyes and on her eyelids, what with ALL the MAJOR plastic surgery fans insist she's had.
  3. Probably? it was more iconic than all her eras put together since Ray Of Light( although Confessions was also super amazing).
  4. That's an interesting take, it hasn't crossed my mind that it's about that.
  5. I can't stop listening to this, it's such a beautiful song
  6. Too hard to decide, i love too many. Lets say... Inside Out
  7. Me too I feel all nostalgic about it for some reason.
  8. Well I'm not over RH at all and I still listen to it almost daily but if she were to come with new material right now I wouldn't say no go away I dont want it . I hope she gets involved in some cool new projects soon, otherwise i'll miss her like crazy lol ..i need a life.
  9. Barely enough to put food on the table, poor Madge..
  10. To be honest she kept that guy on stage alot, her eyes were stuck to his crotch ,she wouldn't stop touching him, even after he went too far, so i don't know. I guess she liked him.
  11. Am I hearing this right? the UB took her from behind and KISSED HER NECK and a dancer had to make him step back? what the fuck? stop inviting these creeps on stage and get the real fans!
  12. Come on, you know people who say that stuff are only just kidding. Why is it funny and ok for certain fans to say things and make some jokes, but not for others, as they are instantly taken seriously?
  13. Oh i almost forgot,did she marry anyone last night?
  14. Evita tees. this adoration is exactly what she needs right now.
  15. That spoiled little brat making his mom cry, if i were his parent i'd whoop his ass.
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