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  1. Hahahaha! Well I've been listening for nearly an hour to Radio 1 (MOST POPULAR UK RADIO STATION)...and NOT mentioned her once!! Radio 1 can FUCK RIGHT OFF!!! #twats THE QUEEN IS COMING!!
  2. Just listening to Radio 1....GETTING VERY EXCITED....MADONNA!!!! XXXXX
  3. Was the first pic I seen on Facebook this morning in bed 8.am #manchestertime Incredible moment xxxxx
  4. Eanybeany

    William Orbit's Thoughts on MDNA

    Whatever you say or think about the promotion of MDNA...obviously everyone has an opinion on the lack of it...but as a loyal UK fan of nearly 30 years!! People/fans/William are not mentioning RADIO 1?????????????????????? and NO air play??? Through her whole career Madonna has had complete support from Radio 1...DJ's hyping up playing the 'first EVER play of the NEW Madonna song'!! with continued and subsequent air play on the main playlist!! hence her great track record in the UK charts! I am 100% sure that if she had that Radio 1 support then Interscope would have been bothered to have released the songs when they should have been....and she would have definitely had those top ten hits or a potential number 1 from 'GMAYL' but from the get go they knew it was a waste of time...... Your thoughts?