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  1. I'm outside the Bercy having a pint haha about to start queing with my bro and friends ...I can't believe last night I was in a bar round the corner from republique when all that happened....EPIC FAIL...!!! X
  2. Hahahaha! Well I've been listening for nearly an hour to Radio 1 (MOST POPULAR UK RADIO STATION)...and NOT mentioned her once!! Radio 1 can FUCK RIGHT OFF!!! #twats THE QUEEN IS COMING!!
  3. Just listening to Radio 1....GETTING VERY EXCITED....MADONNA!!!! XXXXX
  4. Was the first pic I seen on Facebook this morning in bed 8.am #manchestertime Incredible moment xxxxx
  5. Me and my twin bro (beef71) went to London at the age of 15 to see the WTG TOUR at Wembley stadium! Amazing day so hot too. Just incredible atmosphere. Still got the pics from my automatic camera!
  6. Arrived into the golden circle at 5.15pm to Madonna rehearsing Revolver, Gang Bang, I don't give A, Turn up the Radio, Express Yourself, Gimme all your lovin, Candy Shop, I'm addicted, I'm a sinner, celebration..... Basically most of the concert!!! Whilst she was rehearsing she mentioned about a curfue and possibly being cut short if they pulled the plug. The sound check was amazing!! It seemed like she was being thorough because of the problems from Birmingham. I'm addicted was rehearsed with full dance routine but then not performed!!! Human Nature ended, Nobody Knows Me video was played with no 'wire' dance routine then led straight into I'm a sinner!! A real dissapointment to drop Like A Virgin...!
  7. Just got in was having a few in Cc blooms! Edinburgh is an amazing city! need sleep cannot wait till tomorrow it's gona be a goodin!!
  8. I didn't think the crowd where exceptionally dull, not really? I've been to a lot of gigs, many Madonna ones too and you always get the boring sods that just sit there reserved! No matter who it is. I was on the side block and alot of people were dancing and having a great time. People that just sit there just made me laugh like get your money's worth, DANCE AND SING GET UP AND DO YOUR THING! And in the words of Madonna last night 'seats are for ass's!!
  9. Travelling back to Manchester after The Birmingham show. A few technical issues tonight. The Motel didn't surface tonight. You could see the motel sign lit up behind the screen but it didnt appear. One of the screens wasn't working during the Justify my love interlude and you could see them setting up the vogue stage. Which was guided into position by stage hands. The trapdoor didn't rise for I'm addicted for the first 2 lines. She apologized for the technical issues in a little speech before Masterpiece. She was lighthearted mentioning not sitting on the red chairs 'Fuck No' and dancing and singing instead! The opening is incredible but the opening section is quite dark. It's a shame the Majorette section is only two songs as it it a highlight. Too tired to write anymore but on the 7.45 train to Edinburgh so will have a rest...
  10. Having a bevvie in a local pub in Birmingham! show was amazing some tech hitches but kind liked it better than a stadium (Rome), Edinburgh sat!!
  11. Oooops NO MOTEL CAME OUT I'm having a ball amazing!!!! Xxx
  12. It's really full but have counted at least 200 empty seats...curtains just come down, not started yet but indulging in sitting in a seat before the GC on Saturday.... Current track being played....I'm coming out! The two drunks causing grief have now been moved/chucked out!
  13. No not yet its gone 9.30! Strange old place this arena malarky! A lot of piss heads seated by me haha
  14. I'm coming to Birmingham to see the Queen woo!!, I'm driving down from Manchester where I live then back again to get on a train and watch the show in Edinburgh on Saturday! Bring it on cannot wait!!
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