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  1. Well if she‘s not up for that even though it would mean the best possible promo for her new single and album, then she must be pretty stupid (which we all know she is not). It doesn’t happen every day that a pop star over 60 gets such an opportunity (IF any of this is actually true)
  2. Gurl sit down, it looked ridiculous
  3. Yeah and in some scenes it looked like her teeth were rotten. Worst decision ever from her to wear them in videos and photo shoots, whats the point? Anyway, considering the fact that she met Maluma not that long ago (in September) and by now they have not only recorded a song but filmed a video for it, makes me feel optimistic that their song is very good. Can’t wait to hear it!
  4. Sorry but those are some of the worst rumours I have ever seen. - she made a casting for really queer people? Wow, and I wasn’t invited, such a shame. - the trip to India wasn’t well planned and now they had to stick to Portugal instead? ok. - everyone and their cats knew that Maluma was going to be part of it, you just had to check his Instagram
  5. I light this candle and watch it throwTears on my pillowAnd if there is a Christ, he'll come tonightTo pray for Madonnanation
  6. Amazing - my ass great - my humor ok-ish - this thread We need news!!!
  7. The song representing Portugal this year is quite stunning and impressive. It merges Fado, Oriental and I believe even Gypsy influences while keeping things fresh and experimental. I wouldn't mind if Madonna's new music is even remotely similar to this:
  8. OMG this is what I needed! I just needed to know that the song is great. Good fucking night!!! I hope the controversial video is not going to overshadow the song though.
  9. It's going to have the Funk of Music, the Disco of Hung Up and the Batuku of 2019 which means its going to be an explosion of fabulousness!
  10. If anything, then ROL offered the very different Gothic Witch & spiritual Mother (Earth..lol) looks (Frozen and ROL) which dominated the first weeks of the era. Geisha was a year later. I hope we get to see another pic of her outfit on Instagram in the next hour (because I need to go to bed but I don't want to!)
  11. Are we discussing again whether Eurovision is a good idea or not...while she is shooting a music video as we speak? This thread...
  12. Ugggghhh how could they not block 2 fucking days in advance for a video shoot?
  13. That jewellery does have a throwback Madonna 80s look but I don’t understand how that will fit with the sounds of the album?! It doesn’t scream Disco and it also doesn’t seems very Cabo Verde Batuku-style. lol so confusing
  14. Gurl....ROL, Music and AL are absolutely iconic videos. Take a sit please
  15. I don’t know if it was a production issue or an error during mixing/mastering but Wash All Over Me (produced by Mike Dean) is the worst sounding song on Rebel Heart. It’s so muffled and quiet. Holy Water, another one of his productions, also sounds bad especially during the Vogue part which is so much louder than the rest of the song. I just hope „little“ things like that are taken care of on the new album because at the end of the day she is working with a top notch team and mistakes like that shouldn’t happen.
  16. Madonna posted a pic where she is seen together with Starrah and Billboard. We know she worked with Billboard for her album so the chances are high that Starrah had a hand in creating those tracks, too. Can we please stop rewriting what we know and what we saw?
  17. It has been pointed out repeatedly that she does say „music video“. Therefore it is not MDNA Skin related.
  18. Yes 4 Minutes was a huge hit but it also sounded like a Justin song. Some fans don’t CARE for chart success while others DO. This stupid debate must stop. At the end of the day she will do what she wants and we have to deal with it. what kind of crazy username is that btw..eeek
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