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  1. There was never any doubt that RH is a great album. Congrats Queen.
  2. You fuck off with all your moaning and whining. Seriously some of these so called "fans" are as annoying and idiotic if not more as the haters.
  3. Is between Ghosttown and BIM for the main theme RH era song.
  4. #16 Madonna Ghosttown "An indomitable power ballad for a ruined world that sounds so great you might start rooting for the apocalypse."
  5. Click on this GRAMMYs FB link and then comment with "Rebel Heart" by Madonna for My favorite album of 2015 so far is _____________________. https://www.facebook.com/TheGRAMMYs/pos ... 7920265748
  6. No no live albums just some more of those beautiful demos done right.
  7. Just 6 more songs like last Christmas would be Great?
  8. Wouldn't be amazing if M decided to release or do a re-release RH with some extra songs of the demos not used for the Album this Christmas or next year? Not impossible right?
  9. I agree! She looks beautiful in it. Hope it gets more views and eventually gets Vevo certificated.
  10. 100 million!!!!! Fuck yeah!!! That is what I'm going to post when that happens lol
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