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  1. But it is true for Most of the world Latino America is mainly Mexico, I don't know why they get so upset about that. The amount of bs on IG, Twitter, Fb and other forums just because Madonna is not visiting their unimportant and irrelevant countries this time around. I mean get over it already!
  2. They're all Mexico for the world so they can deal or shut up and carry their flags like the morons they are.
  3. She probably knows that there is a huge argentinian population living in Mexico. Most of them working in the restaurant industry (waitresses,waiters etc) that are going to go see her. Lol
  4. All of your comments are always so full of shit. You are so passive aggressive. Go suck a dick!
  5. Of course it doesn't troll. Go back to sucking gaga's dick and stop posting your shitty comments here.
  6. This woman will never die! Such a pop culture force!
  7. There was never any doubt that RH is a great album. Congrats Queen.
  8. You fuck off with all your moaning and whining. Seriously some of these so called "fans" are as annoying and idiotic if not more as the haters.
  9. Is between Ghosttown and BIM for the main theme RH era song.
  10. #16 Madonna Ghosttown "An indomitable power ballad for a ruined world that sounds so great you might start rooting for the apocalypse."
  11. She is going to get a 200m video yay!! But Shhhh!! we better feel indifferent about it around here a keep on playing our LAP cassette on a loop. Lol
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