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  1. I'm sure once the promo and radio play picks up we'll get more views!
  2. I hope she wears the matador outfit to the grammys and not the sticky&sweet 2.0 outfit. and omg her blush looks so good!
  3. I hope she opens the show with an acapella version of Living for Love with no backup dancers
  4. i don't have a preference. i think she looks good curvy but her ATHLETIC body is glorious.
  5. her divorce settlement with guy always baffled me as tight as she is with her money
  6. Madonna followed by Prince I like Beyonce but her production/performance ability looked so cheap and shabby in comparison to M's.
  7. i hope she does one of anne frank next
  8. is it about sandra bernhardt or tracy anderson & goop?
  9. wash all over me accoustic should close the album!!!
  10. what happened with her perfume line? is she going to have a new perfume to coincide with rebel heart? so many questions for her Q&A come wednesday!
  11. sorry if i discussed earlier but theres no tour plans right now according to guy's Q & A?
  12. agreed.. I didnt like WAOM when it first leaked the production ruined it
  13. lmao agreed how do u feel about back it up? not feelin it
  14. i love freedom its too preachy but i love it when she preaches and takes me to church !
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