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  1. because i truly dont understand why there's people out there making fun of her after this fall and papers/media claiming it was intentional. she really could have been seriously hurt.
  2. claim fans? fans? we were in shock, scared....just hateful papers like them would insinuate something like this to be a stunt. and then claiming it was the fans who think this. TRASH..
  3. just saw this pic on twitter......i dont find it funny at all. poor M..
  4. justsaw a tweet from @officialcharts that M is 10.500 sales away from top 10 in the uk. come on guys.....buy another copy!!
  5. i just pre-ordered my super deluxe album at bol.com for acces to pre-sale of dutch and/or belgium dates!!
  6. so timor was one of the dancers. cool!! Check his instagram account for a few pics a nice vid of a dancers prep vid..
  7. when did we get her rehearsal video with macklemore, was it before or after the actual grammy's broadcast??
  8. "Give her a pass!" he said. "Give her a pass! It's still early." what does this mean?
  9. When did the rehearsal vid from last year was put on the internet.
  10. Hope she wears the red outfit/jacket from the video!!
  11. The era has officialy started yesterday with the video. This is a great pic and i love the excitement, build up untill sunday evening. Must be nerve wrecking for M. I wonder if she will be accompanied (if she does the red carpet) by pierre? guy? rocco??
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