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  1. The hunger is real hahaha...just saw this on the fotop forum
  2. nobody wants the album to leak, yet there seem to be members here who heard songs.
  3. Just asked her three questions. Maybe she'll reply one of them ;)
  4. guys, it is out there so it probably will leak very soon. still great that M and her team managed to keep it from leaking this time. we are only a week from release date so i guess it won't hurt as much as rebel heart etc.
  5. Wow sounds we are in for a treat. Great read review
  6. shirtless and short jeans...show as much skin and meat as possible.
  7. This is really like the old days isnt it....waiting until release day to listen to the album! I love it.
  8. Why caring about the pitchfork/folk or whaterever it is called? Just enjoy the new music that's coming our way and be grateful we get a new album. I'm sure there's something for everyone on the album. As it has Always been. Get ready.
  9. how do you guys know all this stuff? hope it's true! the more M the better
  10. I think after seeing eurovision the video with the drag qieens is for Future. Remember her saying 'Wake up' and there was a report that the movie sign outside the theater had also 'Wake up'
  11. Just asked lucy about killers and this is what she had to say: "I can’t say too much, but it is a manifesto song...Madonna laying herself in the line "
  12. Isnt Edward Russel the guy from Madonnarama back in the day?
  13. The cha cha and the one i havent seen yet the mirwais persona
  14. She chose to bring this message to eurovision, which was performance wise briljant. It could have used a more euphoric ending though. and better vocals. and nog grillz.
  15. Her musical director should have said to her to adapt the arrangement to her voice. Saying it was too high for her and she didnt sounds good. That's what a musical director is there for to maker her sounds good. He did the opposite.
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