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  1. @robster u r right 'looking for mercy' is great great track
  2. looking for mercy isnt a filler at all…..very beautiful, catchy and great vocals
  3. we all will this album no matter it is out there now; we want the highest quality, we want the booklet, etc. It deserves the positive reviews cause its very good
  4. the vocals are really strong...….i didnt see this coming. great track after great track.
  5. that ending….this could also be the closing song of this perfect album
  6. Come Alive omg what a catchy song....i love it
  7. i also think medellin is the most commercial track so far...that 1,2 cha cha part and chorus are just so catchy. Add Maluma to the mix for potential buyers and viewers. I understand her choice.
  8. Crazy is wonderful! Little gem, minimalistic but very catchy and will be great live.
  9. wow what a great two songs. It's all you guys described! Love them both! I understand however that Medellin is the 'lead' single, song first released for Madame X. Most commercial song so far heard with Crave
  10. sounds like she isnt following a trend but making the music she wants to make. she's back
  11. @robster with rebel heart you made drawings of a few songs and they were beautiful. Can you mke some again based on the songs you heard? God Control and IDSIF? I'm sure those will be really epic
  12. just reading the song descriptions makes me so happy!
  13. you should change the pic in your profile from resist to god control and it is the perfect single cover for God Control
  14. Is God control the song from the instagram disco strings snippet she posted last year?
  15. Al this raving about the album is making it really hard for me not to cave in and listen to the tracks that are out there.
  16. have you heard the tracks? Can you give us a detailed review of the songs?
  17. We all should promote MadameX this and the coming weeks on our social media: lett the world know she is back
  18. This all feels like you wanna wank so badly but you just can't cause it's not the time and place yet……#blueballs
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