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  1. she wont go into details about the failure of her mariages
  2. she should get it on a film score..
  3. i love it.....the drums are just.....wow.....cant wait to see this one live..
  4. i want her to perform this on tour!
  5. my favorite right now. touches me evrytime i hear it....those drums and lyrics....just w o w!!
  6. its the same distortion as on that hard candy track. imo it makes the track weaker.
  7. So im choosing only album tracks, no demo's: 1. Living For Love 2. Ghosttown 3. Joan of Arc 4. Heartbreak City 5. Wash all over me 6. Illuminati 7. Hold Tight 8. Inside out 9. Devil Pray 10. Messiah
  8. most reviews seem to love the heart side of rebel heart more then the rebel side..
  9. one of my fav's.....beautifully sung, dramatic, got me all melancholic.
  10. who is doing the male backing vocals??
  11. yeah great to see the love and hugging. at 04.05 you can see the dancer reaching for the wrong hand to pick her up.
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