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  1. Where does it say the vid will come out tomorrow
  2. Madonna using the word 'soon' again. I gues this means it will be released when the tour starts. Or ends
  3. She did a shitful of performances for RH and that also didnt get her airplay, more downloads, streams and big hits. I dont know what she must do now to score a hit.
  4. we have to keep buying, viewing, streaming promoting etc to keep the momentum
  5. 1) medellin 2) come alive 3) looking for mercy 4) killers who are partying 5) crazy
  6. she doesnt know what she means to us? letts all bombard her with love.
  7. I would love to read decent fan reviews from us. Not just 'i like that song, but that one is shit', but a real detailed song by song review from you all. Together with points for each song and overal album scores.
  8. She;s so funny! and i love her comment about the skin care line :)
  9. What a great great track. Catchy from sec 1
  10. That silly Maluma laugh makes me smile everytime i hear it
  11. faz gostoso is catchy as well....thought i would like this the least but it's very catchy, the bridge is so fun
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