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  1. Isnt there an updated version against Trump? Or can someone make it? x.
  2. she's so smart and they have a connection about all kinds of stuff. i just cant imagine her having this deep talks about the old testament and stuff with her boyfriends lately. but like she said what's not good about love and being in love.
  3. yess. i love instrumentals. on YouTube there are some (fan)made, but i'd love officials. and the stems as well
  4. the instrumental break when the instruments go "out of tune" is pure genius and i love that very much.
  5. Some friends were here last Friday and we were playing some YouTube stuff and then i decided to play medellin. they never heard it but thought it was super catchy; the 1,2 cha cha cha phrase. then i got confident and played come alive and killers who are partying and they loved the instrumentation on both tracks.
  6. Beautiful video. She looks beautiful, very nice story. in the article M says the coir will be singing also on GC, LAP, CA
  7. medellin was the right choice for first single. It's the most radio friendly popsong on the album. With Crave. I would add Looking for mercy, crazy and come alive to that list. all the other songs released are supergood but for radio bosses they have a to strange song structure, with all the changes of musical styles in one song like god control and dark ballet.
  8. The days of hits are over. We have to accept that and appreciate everything she gives us.
  9. what do those coloured things say (sorry i dont know the english word) i dont search i find also in the tour, but those others? vogue?
  10. Where does it say the vid will come out tomorrow
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