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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    for real... i tried to find this song with no luck... anyone know it?
  2. Many may not appreciate or comprehend Madonna’s impact today, but that can’t diminish her influence. What’s next for the queen of reinvention? Whatever is on the horizon, like a prayer, she might just take us there. best quote in a long time
  3. rate the tours

    1. confessions 2. BAT 3. S&S 4. Girlie Show 5. Re-invention 6. MDNA 7. Rebel Heart 8. Virgin Tour 9. Drowned World 10. Who's that girl.
  4. i'm kind of sad that the traditional Madonna Tour will be coming to an end..... They always excited me
  5. It is time for another EP.

    i am afraid to say that the next "music" we will see that is new will be in the form of the cd version of the rebel heart tour. That's due out this August.
  6. Madonna songs/albums you've fallen out of love with.

    I feel like i play certain songs so frequently that i naturally skip them down the line. Lately I have been listening to many of the confessions songs on my commute to work. I don't think i tire of anything, just don't feel like listening to it anymore right now. One song I will never skip is Sorry..... I don't know, i just love it!!!
  7. Songs You Would Like Madonna To Cover.

    like an angel passing through my room. yes i mean officially
  8. Madonna working on a new album in 1957?

  9. its interesting to read that almost all of what she wanted to accomplish in the future she has.
  10. like an angel passing through my room. sung beautifully and the music was re-done in an amazing fresh sound.
  11. What exactly is "the new Madonna"?

    She's the standard that all the females try to replicate. "you just may try to imitate her, but you just can not duplicate her"
  12. Ms biggest career mistakes, missed opportunities etc..

    i completely agree that this could work. so many different stories could be told and incorporate a lot of songs.
  13. Ms biggest career mistakes, missed opportunities etc..

    After 4 minutes she should have released Beat Goes on After Hung Up she should have released Jump After Don't Tell Me she should have released Impressive Instant
  14. There is a cool video on the billboard site for her women in music thing as well.