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  1. motherandfather03

    rate the tours

    1. confessions 2. BAT 3. S&S 4. Girlie Show 5. Re-invention 6. MDNA 7. Rebel Heart 8. Virgin Tour 9. Drowned World 10. Who's that girl.
  2. 1. Like a Prayer 2. Confessions 3. Ray of Light 4. True Blue 5. Rebel Heart 6. Music 7. American Life 8. Like a Virgin 9. Hard Candy 10. Madonna 11. Erotica 12. MDNA 13. Bedtime Stories
  3. motherandfather03


    please post the setlist as it happens on the opening night.
  4. motherandfather03

    ATLANTIC CITY 10/3/15

    I have on VIP fan package ticket for sale. Section 119. Row AA. seat 8. Price is $375. They are will call tickets but I can send you the link in an e-mail from ticketmaster. Private message me if interested.
  5. not sure if this has been posted, but do you think all of her tweets and fb posts are a hint at a possible set list?
  6. motherandfather03

    The REBEL HEART Tour itinerary and status summary

    62 dates so far!!!
  7. motherandfather03

    Tour rumours/preparations

    a lot of references to the older songs. Maybe a big mix up of old/new. can't wait!!!!!