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  1. 20 years ago, Frozen leaked on the internet (already)

    in 2000 i was graduating from HS. i had the internet but it was in the very early stages. Ray of Light and the single "Frozen" cam out when i was in sophomore year of high school..... I loved it..
  2. i honestly don't care anymore about the charts..... i just want good music. which i am sure we will get. i haven't hated or disliked any of her music
  3. Material Girl Ray of Light Like a Prayer Like a Virgin I'll Remember True Blue Dear Jessie You'll See Sky Fits Heaven Girl Gone Wild Rebel Heart Ghost Town Live to Tell Secret Hung Up Holiday Frozen You Must Love Me Into the Groove Jump Borderline Take a Bow
  4. i would like: 1. You'll See 2. Hung Up 3. Like a Prayer 4. Cherish 5. Rain
  5. Collaborations that never happened

    i actually love Guilty By Association
  6. Collaborations that never happened

    the only thing here that would have been really amazing is the Adele Colab...
  7. i actually think it may be a possibility that she is keeping things hush hush to avoid any speculation that music could be coming out. I think that she is fully aware that the leaks definitely hurt last time... by the time the grammys rolled around interest in the project was basically over...
  8. Masterpiece vs. Ghosttown

    Ghosttown came at a time when I needed it..... My father had just passed away and i remember thinking that she wrote the song for me.... I can't explain it, it was just surreal.
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    for real... i tried to find this song with no luck... anyone know it?
  10. Many may not appreciate or comprehend Madonna’s impact today, but that can’t diminish her influence. What’s next for the queen of reinvention? Whatever is on the horizon, like a prayer, she might just take us there. best quote in a long time
  11. rate the tours

    1. confessions 2. BAT 3. S&S 4. Girlie Show 5. Re-invention 6. MDNA 7. Rebel Heart 8. Virgin Tour 9. Drowned World 10. Who's that girl.
  12. i'm kind of sad that the traditional Madonna Tour will be coming to an end..... They always excited me
  13. It is time for another EP.

    i am afraid to say that the next "music" we will see that is new will be in the form of the cd version of the rebel heart tour. That's due out this August.