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  1. We would probably had the album and the tour already if she hadnt adopted the new twins
  2. Shes probably getting some touched ups or her new ass removed
  3. Definetely something to do with dolls mayeb a MDNA skin doll line!! didnt she thought the dolls were creepy at thr graham norton show
  4. Agree if anything she could have already started the visuals on the album, i think it was always Q1 2019
  5. You realize that some people may unfollow her because they get annoyed of the contast children and mom posts
  6. She literally postibg the rehearal video right after my last post! shes is rehearsing or starting to work on a performance for sure
  7. Nah her new ass got in between 2016-2017 thats when the big dresses/skirts started MDNA she had a slight bigger booty that looked big in fishnets but normal in other clothes now she has something that looks big with everything she wears
  8. She needs to celebrate her past at the same time COADF had a vintage visual and that attracted people
  9. Yes she is just testing how good her new pr team is...
  10. Girl please LFL is only better than GMAYL as a single RH was messy and didnt have a direction
  11. Please Music would smash even today is a perfect pop song
  12. https://www.google.com.br/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2018/01/13/style/mario-testino-bruce-weber-harassment.amp.html
  13. Well testino is very dl lately since the metoo allegations.... and she probably dont wanna pay his fee
  14. Unless is some TV appearance (not performance) i dont see nothing hapening
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