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  1. Not a coincidence she's so close to Randy, the worst Jackson after Janet.
  2. So ? Did she give the baby to Rebbie already ?
  3. Gaga's mother is already planning her tax reductions for next year i see.
  4. Sorry. i meant Fartpopist.
  5. Yesterday while i was waiting for the movie to start at the theater, they played paparazzi since i never listened to that song since it was released it took me a moment to remember it was her singing because her voice was completly different. No yelling, a lot of overdubs and layers....she sounded like Britney almost. It's like she was a totally different artist then, she must have lost a lot of fans from then because her voice went from pop friendly to grating oversinging.
  6. Who else can say they stayed fresh and relevant and #1 working with the same people for 15 years? at the top of my head : Sade, Kate Bush, Pj Harvey...but mostly because they are their own producers.
  7. I don't think she's desperate, i think in pop music Madonna is THE reference for the pop girls AND A&R within the music industry, they think Madonna's longevity is only due to reinventing herself that's why they aply this recipe to the new pop girls when Madonna's longevity is not due to a recipe but from Madonna being Madonna. I did not imply Katy shouldn't be political at all, i think that's the genuine part in her, it's the image that does not feel genuine. I think "Witness" demo leaked last year and i thought it was a really good change (i don't know if it still sounds the same, i doubt it because the demo sounded more like a track to end an album than to start it) but all the new tracks don't sound like the Witness demo at all. When Madonna did Vogue she was hanging out with Jose & Luis from the house of xtravaganza, she was going to the clubs, when Katy does house and have all these voguers and drag queens it feels like a stunt just like when gaga did it during Artpop. What i meant is you can't duplicate a recipe, you must find your own, that is what brings longevity.
  8. I never liked her stuff but i always thought she was a nice girl and harmless but this era doesn't click. It does not look genuine but fabricated. All these girls and their staff don't get it. They follow Madonna's recipe when Madonna inhabited her different incarnations, they never looked like a costume she was putting on but rather something coming from within her. It was organic. Maybe because Madonna was not merely applying a recipe but exploring another aspect of her personality. It does not work for everybody and some of these girls should rather stay who they are and explore it to build an image that fits them. Madonna is a chameleon and they are not. A lot of popstars never changed their image and keep releasing stuff with great success because they have their own recipe like Sade or Björk. Katy is using Gary Numan's and the new romantics image but it does not fit her neither does it fit the music. She does not appear as desperate as gaga who lost herself into characters before building one herself hence why she completly imploded, Katy tries too hard this time. To me it only highlights how much Madonna was genuine in her incarnations, they felt natural and logical, they reflected where she was in her life each time she changed rather than trying to chang just for the sake of changing because she has a strong personality that never got overtaken by her new image.she owned her image not the contrary.
  9. growing up i would have killed myself if my mom liked what i was listening to.....even what my sisters liked was toxic to me.
  10. Presidential election : first round april 23rd second round may 7th Legislative (assembly) election first round june 11th second round june 18th Emmanuel Macron (center) and Marine Le Pen (far right) are the two candidates (out of 11 officially) to be projected to come face to face on the second round on may 7th. Other major candidates : Benoit Hamon (PS, center left). François Hollande party. He's joined by the ecologists but after he won the primary election, many people from the party decided to support Macron instead (who used to be Hollande's economy minister) Melenchon (left). He wants to leave Europe and Nato and to get closer to Russia. Fillon (right, almost far right, supporter of and supported by the morons who marched against gay marriage). Used to be the one projected to be elected but it was revealed by the press that he stole more than 1 million € from taxpayers by giving fake jobs to his wife and children. He's a real terrible guy, almost as bad as Le Pen and he's supported by the worst possible part of french people. Since the scandale was made public he's projected to be 3rd or 4th (behind Hamon) on the first round. Most projections give Macron as the winner. He's some kind of Tony Blair, later Blair not the one who won in 1997, rather the Blair of 2003. Other candidates are Nathalie Arthaud (communist party), Cheminade (crazy person and eternal candidate), Lassale (an old man from Bearn county), Poutou (workers), Dupont aignan (Le Pen light), Asselineau (another Fillon but he's for the Frexit) In french for more details
  11. He's trolling Trump HARD
  13. Macron finished his speech in english trolling Trump saying "We will make our planet great again"
  14. He said "America turned its back on the world, we won't turn our back on americans" He made clear that he knows Trump is not America He did a very powerful and determined speech. He's doing the speech in english now.
  15. Macron & Merkel say they will go on with Cop21 He has not started his press conference yet, you can see it here. He's supposed to say whatever he said in french first in english 15 minutes after his speech in french
  16. President Macron is having a press conference right now about this in french first then in english 15 minutes later
  17. When the full fledge effects of his stupid policies will start to be in place and hurt people daily, i fear for civil war in the US. I truly wish from the bottom of my heart that no other tragedy like Katrina will hit the USA in the coming months but if it does, people will want his head on a fork. I hope people will give Kathy Griffin a break now btw.
  18. I can't believe this part (and the one about climate change being about us parisians like WTF ?)
  19. What a disgrace. I'm so sad for americans. The world will survive Trump but will they ? A few days ago it was a 9.2 billion dollars cut in the budget of education impacting the most empoverished regions of the country, today is the Paris agreement on climate. How can we expect a selfish stupid 70 y/o man to think about the future when he won't see it ? He won't see how his lack of decency and brains will destroy his own country. Shall we have to intervene with our military force to free americans and the world from this dangerous buffoon ?
  20. She's the most generic artist out there. Even Katy Perry has a little something more authentic than this has been (and that says a lot). Even Britney who is totally prefab and braindead has more charisma, star power and THE JAMS gaga does not have.
  21. It's getting momentum, the new minister of culture said she wants him sued. He lost more than half of his sponsors, even Glaad US made a petition against him. Tomorrow he is gonna be front page a 2 major newspaper condemning him. But sadly one of the guys he mocked in his show was 19 y/o and his father recognized his voice, he wasn't out and the father threw him out he now lives with a relative. It just added even more hatred for Hanouna so this time he's surely going down. Even before that i hated him, he's awful. Not in a Piers Morgan way, he's the kind of guy whothinks making a female employee touch his dick is funny (this happenned).
  22. We are after him. He's losing ALL his sponsors by the minute. Even Nestlé made a tweet condemning his actions and calling the bureau of media supervision to be more sensitive to the programs they allow to air. It's not his first time. I watched his show once (the most watched show in France) and i felt nauseous, it's very vulgar and agressive. This time it looks like he's going down !
  23. I'm speechless. My heart goes out to all the mancunians and brits. Here even with the country being on the highest level of terrorist attack alert people have let their guard down. Just yesterday i had to report an unattended shopping bag left in the toilets of the Starbuck's next to the museum of modern art. How long had it been there ? Two people went before me and they said nothing.
  24. Janet Jackson was not big outside of the US before Janet. Why ? Fact : A&R did not promote her because their vision for Janet was to target urban kids in the US. She moved to Virgin with Janet and got a better exposition around the world. Sadly when she left them (and Rene) she went back to her previous state of local star. And it's funny it's always american members here who insist she was huge outside of the US when we, the ones living outside of the US witnessed first hand how little success she had here before that's the way love goes. I loved Janet then and even though i was living in Paris i had to buy Control and RN in import, that's how bad she was distributed here. Then i saw her "live" and i could never forgive her or listen to her again.
  25. He is about to speak in front of the Louvre pyramid.....I can't wait for the illuminati conspiracy theories Where's Lucky Guy ?