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  1. The version with Barbra Streisand was panned by the critics and considered one of the worst movie ever. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/1019831_star_is_born
  2. Cannes 2018 will be from may 9th to May 20th so it won't open it. Usually the opening movie hits the theaters in France on the same day even if it's not the usual day of the week for a movie to open in France (wednesdays). Anything about that movie going to cannes at this point is just propaganda from the production. They may hope to have it open in Cannes but it just does not work like this. They probably want Bradley Cooper there more than Cagada. I don't see the movie being selected in the competition. They can deal a special screening though but will the producers take that risk when Cannes film critics are the harshest ?
  3. Is it confirmed it's going to Cannes ? Because movies picked up to be screened wether they are in competition or not are selected in january and the announcement comes in late march or early in april. Anything about the movie going to Cannes until january and march is PR bullshit. I know since i cover Cannes every year :)
  4. Live Nation is the producer of the movie. There you have your explanation. " A Star Is Born is also a Live Nation/RatPac-Dune Entertainment production" When they saw the numbers for the Joanne tour they pulled the plug, they know she's not as popular as her PR machine makes her out to be and they need her to promote the movie more than her flop album.
  5. Pink is a mystery. Nothing she does is made to last. Her songs come and go. I guess she was not burnt by superfame because she's off the radar and never had that kind of fame. She does her thing and that's it. But will she be remembered in the long run ? It's the songs that make a pop singer last.
  6. Be smarter and don't take the bait :) otherwise it's just gonna escalate because that's what is expected of you
  7. Can you stop the insults please ? That goes for everybody. How old are you all to insult each others over popstars ?
  8. Why dragging Michael into this ? I was not a fan AT ALL but he was a huge pop culture icon. The biggest star on the planet until 1993. It's because he was that giganormous mega supersatr and pop icon that Janet was able to get a recording contract. People wanted anything Jackson, even Bubbles could have had Janet's career in the US at the time.
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Oh gosh, David....he sounds like gaga with his oversinging :)
  10. Mind you, this is not over yet. Weinstein was able to behave this way for years because he threatened people to expose their dirty laundry if they spoke. He seems like a very vindicative man and he has not defended himself yet. He does not look like he realize how awful what he did to women is. I'm pretty sure he wil plant stories in the press in the coming weeks about some of the women who spoke against him to get back at them. You don't spend that much time at the top of the Hollywood food chain without having some very close friends at strategic posts. So she's better staying out of this.
  11. Because for being personally involved in the subject, for having worked on it for years (i already said it on Mnation), for being close to people working with people who have been raped or abused (yes i'm one of them), what ALWAYS comes out int heir work is to separate sex from rape. The notion may be new but it should be used because that's why many rape victims have a hard time understanding if they were raped or not. Like wives who refused to have sex with their husbands but were forced to by them so they wonder if that was rape or not because they are married. For most professionals working in that field they consider rape not sex but an act of violence, the offenders don't use guns or knives (well sometimes they do ) but their dicks to violate someone else. It's very hard under the law as well....here in France for example we had a 28 y/o man not convicted of abuse on an 11 year old girl ( he followed her after school and brought her to his apt.) because there were no traces of violence on her or that she had been forced to do it. It was considered to be consensual. That's the limit of the law. Even though the girl told her parents she did not want that since she did not fight him she was not considered a victim. Should we as a society accept that ? Some societies do. Some of our western societies did for centuries until we thought that maybe that wasn't great after all. That's called evolution. And not considering rape as being a sexual deviation but a crime is part of evolution too. For centuries our societies condemned homosexuality as a mental illness and not a normal sexual behaviour until finally they decided that it was a mistake. Well rape is something that should be considered a mental illness because it's an assault, because it ruins someone else who did not ask for it. It's a crime because it's killing someone mentally. I refuse to consider rape as being sex because my first sexual encounter was a sexual abuse by a doctor and when i had my first sexual experience of my own will i had a hard time because it all came back to me. That's when i fell apart while i kept mum about it for years. I had therapy then because i realized that what happened to then me was sexual abuse ( a doctor did a fellation on me while he was examing me for the flu). Until then i was so troubled that i wondered if i had said or did something to give him permission to do it. Since there was no penetration i also wondered if it was rape. But how i felt while it happened and after was absolutely not what i felt during my first sexual relation of my own will. I felt abused, powerless, like i lost something, dirty and guilty. The therapist i saw told me that being consensual is the key that separates sex from rape. Offenders are treated through sexual programs because their impulse is sexual. But for the victim it is not sex. It's an assault, a violation. Not sex.
  12. Well you should re-read what you wrote then because it came out as if. I was not implying anything that's why i ended my answers to you by a question in order to make you clarify what you were saying. If i thought you were saying it's acceptable i wouldn't even had answered you. I get what you say but we do live in an organized society, wether we like it or not or it's bad thing or not (that's another debate). Mankind are thinking animals, that the basis of philosphy and philosophers have been debating about this for centuries. For Aristotle living in a society is what makes us differ from animals. What you describe is animal instinct(s) in mankind but civilization organized all this. Sadly it was organized so long ago when women and the most fragile ones where not considered equals to men. There's a systemic hierarchy within the basis of our society that has been challenged by women, gays, blacks etc...for 60 years now but it always comes back to where things were because it's systemic.
  13. Why has Beyonce being silent about this ? (When Jay z is reported to have not only enabled Weinstein many times but trying to buy his share of the Weinstein company) We could go on and on like this. Just google Weinstein in the images section and he posed/worked with every possible celebrity in the world, american or foreign. At his point saying something is like admitting you knew but try to save your own skin like Affleck and Damon did. Like his brother just did. Or like Brad Pitt almost did, in a way he protected Gwyneth but did not say anything for others, so he knew but shut the fuck up. Someone like Angie Everhart whom i know first hand she has been an enabler for people like weinstein. When you speak be sure to be totally clean yourself because the stinkbombs will drag you with Weinstein. It's a big mess and i'm glad M. stays away from it. We never saw her socializing with him when she was not working with him, he was not at her birthday parties. Conservatives bots try to get her involved because she's considered an enemy since the women's march in Washington. Look how out of all the actresses who wore Marchesa her picture is the one they use. She's clever not to get involved and since she's close to her CAA agent Maha Dakhil she probably told her to not get involved. I also wonder if Guy Oseary won't make a move on the Weinstein company. ( unrelated but not that much because the old perv behaviour was socially accepted but she did not say a word about Hugh Hefner either when her Playboy cover was reported in almost every articles about his passing. Because she did not choose to be on the cover and he and Guccione at Penthouse tried to break her career and upcoming wedding with these pics).
  14. Wow "imposing a moral reading" ? Are we still barbarians ? Rape is not a sexual practice. If you are in agreement with your partner or partners you can do whatever you want sexually. Rape is not abnormal sex in a civilized society. It's a crime. So in a way you are saying that rape is acceptable though terrible because it's part of nature ? Do you consider homicide an acceptable social behaviour though terrible because it's part of nature too ? Or do you think it's a crime ?
  15. And why has Madonna kept quiet about this ? Well, my opinion on the whole thing is that we have a war of powers here. A big Hollywood scandal with celebrities involved in is a great cover for people who need a diversion while they are fucking up the country. It's a huge power game. Why all this exploded now and not before ? I don't think republicans, conservatives and Trump are the source of it but they surely milk it to their own interest. The whole think is a stinkball from Weinstein himself to everything surrounding him. People didn't know ? Gossips in Hollywood are a local sport. Casting couch and using power to abuse people is as old as Hollywood. It's part of the game they say. "I'm so tired of playing this game". They knew, they all knew but like we all do in our everyday life, we ask ourselves if we should speak and be a pariah or shut up and try to get something out of our silence. Most people don't want the "agravation". That's why people don't stop rapists in subways, don't report neighbours who beat their wives. We don't want to get involved because it means dealing with a lot of problems....until one day we are the victims and wonder why nobody speaks up. It's not only in Hollywood, it's not just rape. It's also when a co-worker is verbally abused by the boss until he or she has a burn out and we don't speak because we are too scared for our own position or to be the next victim. This is just a small part of the whole problem, in every country, every culture, every business or family. People in power most of the time than not abuse their power and they mostly target the fragile ones.
  16. “Madonna only called me The Punisher because I told her to get out of her house and promote a movie. In a world where so many people say, ‘Oh, Madonna, if you want to sleep today, it’s OK, sweetie. Let me tuck you in’, I was honest with her.” Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein on why Madonna dubbed him ‘The Punisher’ at the Golden Globes in 2012. And she did call him that while standing on stage at the Golden Globes while receiving the best song award. OF all places. She chose the right time and public time to express something in front of everybody. The nickname stayed with him. As we doubt Madonna stays in bed all day, i don't think that was the reason she called him that. I wonder how she received his statement though.
  17. I say that because it's time to stop thinking that rape is linked to sexuality. It is not a sexual practice, it's a crime. Maybe when we stop linking the two, we will see rape for what it really is and people will stop finding excuses for rapists. When DSK raped that hotel room maid in New York, this stupid french female politician (who made her whole career in politics fighting gay rights) said that she understood that he was a man who has big sexual needs to satisfy. Sex is a consensual act. Rape is not.
  18. Rape has nothing to do with sexuality. Vikings used to rape the men in the villages they invaded to diminish them and show their power.
  19. Anyway Janet can lie and be protected for years then one day, with too much confidence she goes overboard and gets what she deserves. She seems to be back to that state of confidence so she'll soon be slapped by reality and i can perfectly see from where it will come. My ex BF used to work for the Al Mana family in Paris, believe me when i say they won't let anyone tarnish the name and reputation of the family. Soon enough Janet's skeletons will be digged out of the closet for everyone to see.
  20. She was so beautiful in these interviews
  21. Nope, he distributed Truth or Dare, produced Four Rooms, distributed Arthur and the minimoys and of course W.E.
  22. A lot of people who have worked with him over the years (almost EVERYBODY in Hollywood) did not express an opinion. What about Lana Del Rey ? Rumour has it she was his official side piece in 2014 https://www.google.com/search?biw=1707&bih=796&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=lana+del+rey+harvey+weinstein&oq=lana+del+rey+weinsteo&gs_l=psy-ab.1.0.0i8i13i30k1.992.2751.0.6069.
  23. She speaks french like an asian woman. she also sounds like she has a hot potatoe in her mouth. Did someone told her to not pronounce the R's ???