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  1. Madonna RARE

  2. Kids

    According to Jean-Baptiste Kouame Madonna recorded her own version of the track for MDNA that was also discarded from Kelis Flesh tone album. The song is based on "High together" an instrumental by electro german producer Siriusmo I think the lyrics fit Madonna perfectly posing her as the one all the kids follows and copy but she's glad with it because that's who she's supposed to be while embracing all the newcomers asking people to get off their backs. A perfect statement for a queen claiming her throne. It would have been a perfect statement at the time and a better track than the awful (imo) Girl Gone Wild, a perfect introduction to the MDNA tour also. I wonder if we ever gonna hear her version.
  3. Madonna Instagram Thread

    That's really nothing to get upset over with. We are just hungry for new music (and a new musical direction), that's just frustration expressing itself. No need to go after each other or Madonna.
  4. Her mom was an executive at Verizon New York (she's even cited in a lawsuit regarding race discrimination by an employee). I can't find the links but i remember employees at Verizon complaining they were forced to go to Stefani Germanotta showcases in New york to please their employer (they told the press around the fame monster). Another proof she wasn't struggling in the LES...
  5. Madonna Instagram Thread

    It reminds me of a pastelleria.
  6. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Gosh she needs new friends her age or only 20 years younger. She's probably expecting Bieber to do some MDNAskin promo on his Instagram in return.
  7. What happened to Spotlight?

    Considering YOU CAN DANCE was supposed to be released in late 86-early 87 i doubt it was ever planned as a single then they released La isla bonita off True Blue...then Who's that girl and the who's that girl soundtrack and Causing a commotion and the tour and the movie...the reason why The look of love was released in only 3 countries and same with Spotlight was IMO to avoid a Madonna saturation which already doomed the movie that got released around the world around the release of YCD. As for the Mitsubishi ads i remember distinctively a TV set and VCR in my local supermarket playing it to promote the YCD album. I remember it very well since i had my mom ask the director if she could buy the tape for me hahaha. It's still a mystery to me that tape never surfaced and why WEA (Warner France then) got the permission to use it.
  8. And they wonder why everybody hates them and her because of things like that. This is exactly why her career went down the toilets (apart from the bad quality of her production). They don't realize that if they want her to ever manage to have another hit she needs to reach out of her declining fanbase. They think they are fans by doing this but they are just burying her career one tweet at a time.
  9. Unless she decides to do something different this time like not releasing a studio album and touring the new songs and release the live album as the album for the new songs.
  10. Food in Portugal is very fattening. I used to yell at my mom when she was making portuguese dishes because they are full of oil. I think it's great she's enjoying life and eating like a normal person and not starving herself like her ex trainer used to have her do (no wonder she's in trouble right now for giving scary dieting advices on that Poop website owned by an ex actress). I remember the last time she had peoplein the media questioning her weight was 1995 at the Brits and she said exactly what i said above "that's what you get for eating like a normal person". That's why i did not enjoy all the shit Mariah Carey got especially when that paparazzi said nasty things about her weight to provoke a reaction. She released Hard Candy in late april and started the Sticky and sweet tour in august. If she's making a new album i hope it will be a short one like Music. Less is better to be cohesive.....which kind of hints at Mirwais coming back because that's his motto ^^ (wishful thinking here). I wonder if Mercy is aware her mother was there when Hip Hop started, hanging out at Negril in New York with Fab Five Freddy and Afrika Bambataa...
  11. Madonna RARE

  12. Morrissey cancels concert because he's too old.
  13. Everytime i see her or hear about her (meaning whenever i come here because i NEVER see anyone talk about her even the ex little monsters i have on FB) i have a feeling of negativity surrounding everything she does and is. Her light is so dark. I have this bad feeling of negative energy and really bad vibes coming out of her and her work. She's like a very bad omen.
  14. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w3csv25c
  15. Madonna RARE

    Tony is the hottest she had, John Enos is second only.
  16. Riri really is my favourite pop star of her generation. Her attitude is refreshing and even though i never really liked her music, her last album completly changed my opinion. I think she's the one who will surprise us in the future. She went to the Madonna school, aknowledges it and does not apply her recipe like a parrot or a copycat but does her own thing. She got Madonna in a way Katy Perry and gaga didn't. To me she really is the closest thing to Madonna.
  17. Of course she'll star in GOT, she luuuuuuuvs all the women being raped in each episode.
  18. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I wish she'd share this speech as it is her most important one on Aids and homophobia
  19. That albu was made especially for the grammy's so it's a huge snub.
  20. Lola Is Fierce!!!

    Her ex Timothée Chalamet who stars in Call my by your name is a favourite for the 2018 best actor oscar.
  21. Is she shitting standing up ?
  22. New lot on gottahaverockandroll.com

    Gotta have it already sold a video saying it was a private porn video of Madonna she sent Jimmy Albright her then bodygard when it was the video in Snake eyes/Dangerous game her husband in the movie shows her of herself when she had orgies....
  23. I absolutely hate GGW with a passion but its video is the best she did these last 10 years. I kind of love Living for love even thought it does not fit the song. GMAYL is funny. The rest....let it rest....They are not even bad like True Blue is so bad it's good, they are just really uneventful. She started the trend of bad videos with Love profusion. At least she looked good in some parts of Sorry and Ghosttown even though the whole video storylines are plain idiotic and badly executed. Her tour videos are far superior to her official single videos.
  24. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Will we have a song today (it's sunday, it's song day)