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  1. Presidential election : first round april 23rd second round may 7th Legislative (assembly) election first round june 11th second round june 18th Emmanuel Macron (center) and Marine Le Pen (far right) are the two candidates (out of 11 officially) to be projected to come face to face on the second round on may 7th. Other major candidates : Benoit Hamon (PS, center left). François Hollande party. He's joined by the ecologists but after he won the primary election, many people from the party decided to support Macron instead (who used to be Hollande's economy minister) Melenchon (left). He wants to leave Europe and Nato and to get closer to Russia. Fillon (right, almost far right, supporter of and supported by the morons who marched against gay marriage). Used to be the one projected to be elected but it was revealed by the press that he stole more than 1 million € from taxpayers by giving fake jobs to his wife and children. He's a real terrible guy, almost as bad as Le Pen and he's supported by the worst possible part of french people. Since the scandale was made public he's projected to be 3rd or 4th (behind Hamon) on the first round. Most projections give Macron as the winner. He's some kind of Tony Blair, later Blair not the one who won in 1997, rather the Blair of 2003. Other candidates are Nathalie Arthaud (communist party), Cheminade (crazy person and eternal candidate), Lassale (an old man from Bearn county), Poutou (workers), Dupont aignan (Le Pen light), Asselineau (another Fillon but he's for the Frexit) In french for more details
  2. Growing rumour she's in Cannes for the 70th bday mega big bash of the film festival, red carpet is already happening.....but EVERY year she's rumoured to come so i don't want to open a new thread for it but still let's cross our fingers for another red carpet look :)
  3. We are after him. He's losing ALL his sponsors by the minute. Even Nestlé made a tweet condemning his actions and calling the bureau of media supervision to be more sensitive to the programs they allow to air. It's not his first time. I watched his show once (the most watched show in France) and i felt nauseous, it's very vulgar and agressive. This time it looks like he's going down !
  4. I'm speechless. My heart goes out to all the mancunians and brits. Here even with the country being on the highest level of terrorist attack alert people have let their guard down. Just yesterday i had to report an unattended shopping bag left in the toilets of the Starbuck's next to the museum of modern art. How long had it been there ? Two people went before me and they said nothing.
  5. Janet Jackson was not big outside of the US before Janet. Why ? Fact : A&R did not promote her because their vision for Janet was to target urban kids in the US. She moved to Virgin with Janet and got a better exposition around the world. Sadly when she left them (and Rene) she went back to her previous state of local star. And it's funny it's always american members here who insist she was huge outside of the US when we, the ones living outside of the US witnessed first hand how little success she had here before that's the way love goes. I loved Janet then and even though i was living in Paris i had to buy Control and RN in import, that's how bad she was distributed here. Then i saw her "live" and i could never forgive her or listen to her again.
  6. I wonder if she's going to Cannes 70th bday big night on tuesday. Everybody who made the festival's history is invited.
  7. I love her columns ( and she defended M when she fell at the Brits)
  8. outside of Paris, probably Le Blanc Mesnil next to Le Bourget private airport where she landed in 1990 :)
  9. Jacquie is the one flashing her life of luxury and boredom on Instagram. If she wasn't doing it we wouldn't be talking about it.
  10. I tend to believe it's from Stems. When the Borderline ones leaked there were 2 vocal takes in the package.
  11. That makes me think that maybe the person who has these stems may also have the stems or the demo of "First is a kiss"....
  12. A month ago there was a blind gossip reveal about how Madonna paid Guy 1 million dollar to put an end to the custody battle for Rocco because it could have jeopardized the adoption of the twins. Now that we know she was in the process of adopting them, Rocco probably knew it so Guy was aware of it and it feels like he seized the opportunity to make her miserable.
  13. Maybe Gaga uploaded it because she needs to be victimized to exist.
  14. He knows he has a flop on his hands. And who do Jackie thinks she's gonna influence ? Who follows her ? And why ?
  15. Patti Smith attended the WE premiere in NYC and praised her. She also said she loved Into the groove.
  16. Aldo Diaz must be a nickname she uses to spread her MSPaint creations.
  17. Are we still talking about it ?
  18. The definition of a local star.
  19. Is she troling Richie's King Arthur released on the same day ? ( Amy Schumer is managed by Guy O. so HE could have posted this^^)
  20. He is about to speak in front of the Louvre pyramid.....I can't wait for the illuminati conspiracy theories Where's Lucky Guy ?
  21. Null and blank ballots are at 8 % (final numbers). The far left did not want to call for a vote for Macron. Most people who did not go voting were far leftists (i understand, they marched against Macron just a year ago). It's the biggest abstention for a presidential election second round since 1969.