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  1. I’m definitely voting for Yeesus. I really can’t vote for Biden.
  2. It’s gonna be between Trump vs Sanders. I don’t think Trump will win by a landslide. I prefer Buttigieg against Trump, but we all know how it works. I still think the only way to defeat Trump is to be like Trump and more. Who though?
  3. This will be her last term as a congresswoman from district 13. I will vote you out!
  4. instead of thoughts and prayers, why don't they fight back?
  5. Anyway, what should US do with the caravan from Honduras? Should we let them in, claim asylum and give them citizenship?
  6. I'd vote for the next Democrats candidate if they can get rid of Pelosi, Schumer, Warren and Waters. You'll get my vote!
  7. Millennials! This is what happens when you just throw iPad at your kids to keep them quiet. It works for a while, but then that device just sucks the life out of their kids and turns them into zombies. I woulda given that kid a shot of alcohol though.
  8. he's gonna be somebody's bitch in that big house. GAPING hole guaranteed!
  9. I'm not surprised at all. I just hope all those artists can draw audience to their snooze fest. How many fucking times do we need to see Toilet Swiffer??
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