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  1. I’m definitely voting for Yeesus. I really can’t vote for Biden.
  2. Instead of GHV3, can she just released 50 #1s remixed by Diplo or Stuart Price?
  3. It’s gonna be between Trump vs Sanders. I don’t think Trump will win by a landslide. I prefer Buttigieg against Trump, but we all know how it works. I still think the only way to defeat Trump is to be like Trump and more. Who though?
  4. This will be her last term as a congresswoman from district 13. I will vote you out!
  5. Another 15 minutes for him. So did he get 25K? Should he now move on?
  6. Batuka was like Shanti/Ashtangi on Ray of Light. It's an acquired taste. After a few months, Batuka is still in my top 5. Can't wait what she would do with it on the concert. I hope it's not an interlude.
  7. For this week: God Control Batuka I Don’t Search I Find Bitch I’m Loca Crave
  8. So it’s only an hour drive from Lisbon? Perhaps I’ll stop by next year.
  9. They really embrace her, unlike her home country!
  10. It would be a surprise if she was nominated. The world is missing out on the best stuff.
  11. That makes it worse than it already is.
  12. There'll be no female artists like M who's brave enough to release this kinda music when she's 37 years into her career. She doesn't give a shit at this point!
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