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  1. Not fond of this version of JOA. I miss the upbeat innocence of the album version. Don't make it into a complain song Mads :-/
  2. Avarice


    I love this song. The more I hear it the more I'm convinced it should've been on the Maleficent soundtrack! :-p Aside from the sorceress reference, the lyrics are so on point. I am the promise that you cannot keep -> betrayel I am the earth under your feet -> Protector of the Moors Weave you a blanket of silver and gold, I'll keep you warm do as I'm told -> Maleficent watching over Aurora during the curse I'll cast a spell that you can't undo -> obvious no? till you wake up and you find that you love me too -> true love's kiss I could go on :-p lol
  3. Avarice

    Remember when Guy O said...

    In my opinion Guy made a wrong call with his "non-traditional" promo. I think a combination of traditional and new media would have worked better for someone like her. It had it's ups like the twitter session and iTunes presale but a lot of downs and - I think - poor single choices combined with a total lack of promotion (again). I hope next time they'll do better.
  4. Avarice

    9 August - St. Petersburg

    Oh good! the gay activists will be happy since technically she didn't do the show on the 9th but on the 10th
  5. Avarice

    9 August - St. Petersburg

    Where's Lady Gaga's statement on gay rights and Pussy Riot by the way? Miss "I'm-so-against-bullying". oh right, I forgot... she's a big fat liar and a fake.
  6. they look like the friggin KKK.
  7. Avarice

    9 August - St. Petersburg

    oh Courtney, are you high again?
  8. Unlike Lady Gargoyle who's all mouth and no action, this is how the REAL Queen of Pop stands behind her beliefs.
  9. Avarice

    7 August - Moscow

    Smashing apples actually. But it's also a song about tolerance (hence open your heart).
  10. Avarice

    Paris Olympia Viewing Thread!

    First of all. No, I will not fuck off thank you very much. Talk about rude I didn't realize you're only allowed to voice an opinion if you've got over 10.000 post but whatever... Secondly I wouldn't define 89 euros as "encredibly cheap" but hey that's just me. Lastly, I don't know why you're getting your panties in a bunch. I actually agree that she is a business. I just think her business could've been managed better last night. Starting by giving some more info on the show (yes, yes, I KNOW every idiot should've known the full show would never fit into Olympia but still). By the lack of communication the intimate "fan gig" that M wanted turned into a disapointment and another excuse to publicly bash her in the press. All because her management failed to inform people. Do I think that's reason enough to boo her and behave like apes? No! I think it's incredibly disrespectful but in a way I do understand people left disapointed. And no, I'm not French.
  11. Avarice

    Paris Olympia Viewing Thread!

    Must admit that I was a bit baffled by the "abrupt ending" of this show. But honestly, whoever thought they were gonna get the full MDNA show in that tiny venue had obviously spent way too much time in the sun. It's simply impossible. It's sad that some people present weren't there to appreciate and enjoy the show but hey ho, shit happens... I watched that clip of what went on afterwards, very sad indeed. That being said, I can't help but cuckle a little inside. Maybe it's a good thing for her to realize her fans are loyal and expect/deserve more. Stop using us as cash cows dear. I also think Guy O'seary should be sacked. the whole MDNA era has been mismanaged and while they're racking in the money at present, M's legacy and brand is getting distroyed in the long run. Something to think about...
  12. Avarice

    Paris Olympia Viewing Thread!

    LOL I enjoyed that much better than LAV to be honest
  13. Avarice

    Paris Olympia Viewing Thread!

    bitch is late ... again