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  1. Not fond of this version of JOA. I miss the upbeat innocence of the album version. Don't make it into a complain song Mads :-/
  2. Avarice


    I love this song. The more I hear it the more I'm convinced it should've been on the Maleficent soundtrack! :-p Aside from the sorceress reference, the lyrics are so on point. I am the promise that you cannot keep -> betrayel I am the earth under your feet -> Protector of the Moors Weave you a blanket of silver and gold, I'll keep you warm do as I'm told -> Maleficent watching over Aurora during the curse I'll cast a spell that you can't undo -> obvious no? till you wake up and you find that you love me too -> true love's kiss I could go on :-p lol
  3. Avarice

    Remember when Guy O said...

    In my opinion Guy made a wrong call with his "non-traditional" promo. I think a combination of traditional and new media would have worked better for someone like her. It had it's ups like the twitter session and iTunes presale but a lot of downs and - I think - poor single choices combined with a total lack of promotion (again). I hope next time they'll do better.
  4. no, not a hidden track.
  5. Avarice

    I'm A Sinner Appreciation Thread

    I LOVE it
  6. the regular version is on both versions. the acoustic is on the deluxe version.
  7. Avarice

    ITunes Preorder question...

    You will get an email with the download link or depending on the way your itunes is configured it will automatically start downloading once you start up itunes.
  8. Avarice

    I'm A Sinner Appreciation Thread

    Can someone please put the last part of I'm a sinner on this video? I would look so awesome and funny ;-)
  9. Does anyone know in what language the girl is singing in the acoustic version (the chant-like thingy bob) and what she's saying? It's so haunting.
  10. Avarice

    Give Me All Your Luvin VS. Girl Gone Wild

    GGW is awful. Fact.
  11. hi :-)

    Thanks for liking my cartoons.

    I do have a few more but they are on my facebook page...

    1. peter


      Avarice -- I kept checking out your profile for a while because I wanted to know where I could find more of your cartoon-ish illustrations of Madonna. (For a while you had a "Bang Bang" avatar and a "Sinner" signature...) Do you have more? If it's your artwork, you're quite talented! xo

  12. Avarice

    Let the SHE'S A COPYCAT drama begin!

    I was just looking at the animation in your sig, thinking it would be hilarious if someone could replace the helmets/heads with Gaga's mug. lol.
  13. Accurately said. Hope her legion of stylists and other yes-men read this and forward the message before she looks like a total MJ mess.
  14. no no no no no no... it's exactly like someone else said: the cheeks are eating her face (along with that freakish jaw line)