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  1. Having listened to the whole demo collection, I really think she's got a potentially awesome album on her hands. Some songs that leaked shouldn't make the final cut, some more work should be done to other songs so they sound more refined, but overall, this album is certainly going into the right direction.

    I've already fell in love with Joan Of Arc and Messiah plus Heartbreak City are masterpieces too. I gotta say I love the simplicity of Revolution as well.

    Now that I've listened to Unapologetic Bitch several times, I now definitely get why it was called edgy by many sites. Some changes should be made to the production, but it's got the potential of a hit song indeed.

    Living For Love is the absolute best when it comes to lead single contenders though. Absolutely awesome!

    Now there's just one premise she needs to fulfill to make the album become a commercial and critical hit:

    Choose the right singles, bitch!!!


    Agree about the last part! It's crucial!

  2. The one site who leaked Rebel Heart and then regretted has some info to share (the guy says he is in touch with M's people):

    He says her team are already aware of what happened and hunting down the source. He also says some of the songs are demos and might not be part of the album. Madonna is STILL working on the album and has more than SIXTY songs recorded. The purposed release date WOULD BE March.

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