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  1. Why do people assume Madonna lets other people make the decisions? Blame it on Guy, blame it on Arianne... It's Madonna who calls the shots, please.
  2. Because the original picture is from the #SecretProjectRevolution.
  3. Marvin changed what he wrote on his picture: "Just wrapped a big shoot with my bro Tight Eyez.. I took 10gb of inspiration last 2days.." It seems the shooting is over.
  4. The hair in the set looks different from the one in her bathroom. The set one resembles this one:
  5. Not sure. She worked on Turn Up The Radio and Jonas didn't direct that one.
  6. I think probably it will be the same performance maybe with a few changes. She usually does the same performance with some variations, right? Hung Up was always the same and so it was Music.
  7. Tbh I don't think I'm ready to the Madonna slayage that this year is gonna be. Oh who am I kidding? I've been ready since I was born!!! BRING IT ON!
  8. Actually, not with Madonna. Guy Oseary always said during MDNA that they considered as THE album the deluxe version.
  9. The clean version of this album will have only Living For Love Maybe that's why the single doesn't have a physical release planned
  10. Guy Oseary said no film this year. 2015 is all about Rebel Heart for Madonna.
  11. Only because she was cursed by Poseidon to do so due to her husband's betrayal.
  12. But the Minotaur is not a villain. He's just another victim. He's really the underdog, poor thing. The blame is on his father, the king.
  13. What do you mean? That has nothing to do with Game of Thrones I feel you. But I don't think there's any particular Goddess involved with the Minotaur myth, is it? Just Ariadne and she's not a Goddess.
  14. Well, the Grammy's changed their "perspective". Before, it was awarding the ones who were full of themselves and didn't get any success and were butthurt about it (of course, they were the majority of the members of the academy). Now, they are scared to death of losing what they think they have as "relevance", so they choose the ones on top 40 radio. Madonna briefly met the necessary features between 1998-2005. Thats when she got her awards. I was replying to you about the "peak on her career" part you wrote. I don't think she had it. But that's just my opinion.
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