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  1. Lol!!!!! You think Grammys and Brits Awards performance will be same or changed up?

    I'm gonna be so nervous TWICE!! Queen is gonna give me a heart attack! Nervous, excited and gleeing with anticipation for both performances!

    I think probably it will be the same performance maybe with a few changes. She usually does the same performance with some variations, right? Hung Up was always the same and so it was Music.

  2. That would be really nice from a fan's perspective and in terms of the music being properly showcased. Unfortunately, in this kind of scenario and with the kind of deal Madonna has with LN that paradigm is gone forever. Unless she's planning to hit the road in 2016 and instead dedicates this year to her new film and to the promotion of the record. As it also was rumoured to be the case

    Guy Oseary said no film this year. 2015 is all about Rebel Heart for Madonna.

  3. I wonder what the grammy voters are thinking sometimes. how could they not nominate True blue, Im Breathless, Erotica, LAP, Bedtime stories, American LIfe or COADF for album of the year.?

    it boggles the mind.

    and in 99, no offense to Lauryn hill but ROL was a better album.

    Well, the Grammy's changed their "perspective". Before, it was awarding the ones who were full of themselves and didn't get any success and were butthurt about it (of course, they were the majority of the members of the academy). Now, they are scared to death of losing what they think they have as "relevance", so they choose the ones on top 40 radio.

    Madonna briefly met the necessary features between 1998-2005. Thats when she got her awards.

    She has only been nominated for Album of the Year once, so yes it's very much true.

    And actually before Bedtime Stories, she didn't get a single nomination for any of her albums as a whole.

    It's as if everything she did from 83-93 made no difference. Those nominations for a woman of her caliber who made the kind of music she did for those ten years is just appalling. Especially when you add in the fact that Gargoyle got a Best Album nomination for all of her records before Artflop. Of course none of this is new, any Madonna fan knows that the Grammys have shafted her her entire career.

    I was replying to you about the "peak on her career" part you wrote. I don't think she had it. But that's just my opinion.

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