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  1. Medellín is number 8 Stop with the nonsense Medellín was a last minute addition to have a hit. That was not the case as Maluma and Madonna have already said it several times in lots of interviews.
  2. Waiting! Haven't heard a single snippet of the songs not officialy released. It sucks to avoid so much conversations on the forum though
  3. We have to create a thread Friday just for us who are waiting! So we can give our thoughts and reactions too
  4. I know that. I'm asking why him.
  5. Why is Mike Dean there if he didn't produce Future nor Dark Ballet?
  6. She's saving the "drag queens video disco stomper whatever" for the Pride obviously. I predict a single release around the album launch and my bet is God Control.
  7. I think it's the overall message of the album.
  8. According to MadonnaTribe: "Madonna will be the last interval act to perform in the Eurovision grand final tomorrow, she will take to the stage at the end of the 40-minute long interval before they start counting the votes". So what time does that give us?
  9. It masks the cellulitis. She has very little of it. Less than most women, but she has them anyway. Madonna is a Daenerys Targaryen supporter CONFIRMED! QUEENS!
  10. Loved it! It seems she can do no wrong this year!
  11. Exactly how I feel. This is the era I've been enjoying the most since I became her subject. Everything appeals to me so much. I'm in heaven. Couldn't ask for anything better!
  12. We're like the same person. Future is EXCELLENT! Can't get enough. This album will be another milestone for her in terms of quality. Definitely the best of the 10's!
  13. I don't think she will do many dates on these other cities. But maybe Miami gets to be in December and she goes right South after that! i'm just dreaming hehe
  14. Some of us like to hear the official thing. No need to mock us or anything..
  15. I think those dates will be filled in early October and early November. She never made 10-15 days off between dates.
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