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  1. More like "Like A Menopausal Lady"

    1. Climacteric

    2. Hot Flash

    3. Just Give Me A Fan (English Accent Version)

    4. HRT (Look it up!)

    5. Dyspareunia

    6. Where's the Prozac?

    7. Bitch, Stole My Song!

    8. Ode to Elton John (And I thought I was Menopausal?)

    9. Irritability

    10. Reductive

    11. No Lack of (Men)struation

    12. My Final Period

    Bonus Itunes Tracks : I Can Still Adopt

    Japanese Bonus Track: Young Cock

    Genius!! :clap:

  2. MADONNA is headed for a perfect timing with GAYL...

    She will practically own January and February till the album release in March... It's just so exciting...

    Rihanna's WFL would have faded by mid-January... No one else is set to release anything new... Radio just might embrace this new song...

    The only competition would be that Set Fire to the Rain song of Adele...

    Christina Aguilera is supposed to release a new single on january for her new album too. I don't think she is a competition to M, but the rumours are that is the same producer of Katy Perry and Rihanna so... american radios always look for an excuse to not play Madonna.

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