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  1. Hey guys something strange happened when I bought GGW video on iTunes. It downloaded two archives, one is the video working perfectly, is the same version that played on E!. But the other archive is also a video but I can't access. It says "You don't have the permission to access the solicited resource". This happened with somebody else? What is this? By the way, the archive name is also Girl Gone Wild.

  2. Like when "recent years" are you talking? It really wasn't until RAY OF LIGHT that she started doing performances and interviews on TV. In fact, much of her career before that, we never got any promotional interviews and performances. It wasn't until MUSIC album that we got a mini promotional tour.

    The big difference is now is that she doesn't have MTV and RADIO backing her which in the past were huge influences on the general public. They still are influential to the general public, but unfortunately, their priorities have changed as well. The internet is far more influential, and it seems to me Madonna has utilized that tool quite well in the past 10 years.

    Do I think she's "too good" to do American Idol, etc? Not at all. But in the end, it's about the tour, so rather spend extra time and money on doing all this mundane promotion, why not spend all the time and money on a spectacular show?

    By recent years I mean Music to Confessions, because this is recent, before that is old you got that. And I'm not denying touring is her focus right now, I'm just saying what I like to see. And I don't think touring helps on album sales, if so, Hard Candy would be one of her best selling albums

  3. It's okay. Julianna feels your pain too.


    :lmao: Thank you Julia.

    Madonna has been playing the 'game' for 30 years. It makes sense that her priorities have shifted. Also, what's 'current'? Rihanna? Katy Perry? The other one? Madonna is now an elder stateswoman of pop. That has good aspects (respect, instant interest in whatever she does) and negative (radio viewing her as 'old', not being down with 'the kids' etc). Would you really want her to be competing with Katy Perry's 1000th re-release and go on the KIDS CHOICE AWARDS to perform GGW dressed as a knight?

    I understand what you're thinking and don't get me wrong I think the same way. She shouldn't be doing those things because she is the fucking best succesfull female in history! But that's what we know, her fans. She still have to appeal to the general public to prove them again and again. She used to that until recent years. And it was amazing to see the reaction after a Madonna performance in some tv show wasn't it?

  4. Honestly I don't mean to be rude but who cares. Madonna obviously doesn't. I think she's beyond whoring around TV shows to get ONE MORE hit. She just wants to do her work and present her vision. I was a little butthurt at it too in the beginning but I think she's making the right choice. How long can she play that game? OH ELLEN LETS DANCE TO MY NEW SONG GIRL GONE WILD YAY. It's just silly.

    Well that was the point of my post. I care.

    Honestly, can you see Madonna going on Idol to perform in front of JENNIFER LOPEZ and that Aerosmith guy? I know we said the same thing and she did the french Star Acadedmy but I don't know... It just seems beneath her.

    It may be "beneath" her. But if she wants to be current, she has to play the game.

  5. I think bluejean got it all. The lack of promo is intentional and was planned way before. The first week of album sales didnt impressed me at all. I mean, she did better with hard candy, a first spot is expected by a Madonna album so no big surprise here. I think we all gonna see the album falling free on the charts. I wish be wrong for sure.

    But look at the singles! Its embarrassing! Madonna never suffered in her career to have a hit. And now look at this. GMAYL is her worst lead single ever (in the charts) and dont let me start with GGW, is a total flop! I don't know what is happening! I dont blame the radios, because they always played madonna songs before. But this time is different, is like interscope and Madonna doesn't want to be played! Is crazy I know! In my opinion is a total lack of respect with her fans. Seriously, I love the album, I like all singles, I'm sure I will adore the tour. But is not just this. I want to see my idol topping the world chart with amzing songs again!

    Maybe I'm crying too much I know. But it is what I'm feeling right now.

  6. Veja Magazine - Biggest magazine in Brazil (translation):

    SHE WANTS THE THRONE BACK - With MDNA, your 12th album, Madonna shows why she still is the biggest icon of pop music.

    It's not easy being Madonna. That means, for example, be challenged every moment by young and willing singers, which still keep the insolent manner that she had at the Like A Virgin times. Or has sold 300 million albums and brought many innovations to the music and dance that every release of her is analysed with much more rigor than any other pop star. Or spending nearly three decades breaking down barriers of behavior and sexuality and, at 53, having to march alongside lasses to confirm yourself as a sex symbol. On the other hand, has never been easier being Madonna: in a scenario in which singers like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears copy much more the daring behavior of Madonna than her flair for music, does not take much effort to beat the rivals . MDNA, the 12th album of Madonna, is not even your best. But handily outperforms the competition.

    Madonna produced the album with a multinational team - the english William Orbit, the french Martin Solveig and the italian Benny Benassi - all discovered by Madonna when they still have no career. In tracks like Gang Bang, she flirts with dubstep, a rhythm on the rise among the electronic tribes. Others bring the raps of Nicky Minaj and M.I.A. (both presents at the legendary Madonna concert in the final of the Super Bowl in February). But Madonna rarely goes out of her comfort zone: dance music, with influences from disco and electronic pop, and ballads. In this area, Falling Free, with climatic keyboards and a string arrangement of good taste, deserves to rank among the best songs from her catalogue.

    For those who have made an anti-abortion song (Papa Don't Preach) and protested against the Iraq War (American Life), singing that "girls just wanna have fun", as she does in Girl Gone Wild, it may seem a step backwards. But this facet of modern goody is succeeded by seven spiteful songs directed at her ex-husband, Guy Ritchie. "Wake up, ex-wife / This is your life / I tried to be your wife / Diminished myself / And swallow my light," she sings in I Don't Give A. Really, it's not easy being Madonna. But still is a lot better than be Lady Gaga or Katy Perry.

  7. Well, it's a great treat for fans. So I am not complaining. I mean; this is new territory for Madonna who seems to be reaching out to HER fans. Though, I would admit that part of me would love to see her do a performance on some high rated program. American Idol theme next week is 80's week, so it would have been a great opportunity to at least perform on the results show to at least acknowledge she was an emerging artist back in that decade and still going strong.

    I agree with all your post. I would die for a GGW performance. This song needs to be a ww hit!

  8. Ok so I just listened for the first time and that's my opinion with only one play:

    Girl Gone Wild: always loved and always will. It mixes LAP and Erotica nuff said

    Gang Bang: WOW I never expected something like it. I was actually gang banged by Madonna and j'adore.

    I'm Addicted: Dance! That's all I wanna do!

    Turn Up the Radio: I had high hopes for this one because of the universal adoration, so I'm a little bit disapointed. Probably just need one more play.

    Give Me All Your Luvin': Now I know why this one was the lead single. It's the most radio friendly with GGW.

    Some Girls: It's still strange. I wish her voice louder on this.

    Superstar: That's strange too. I thought this would be my favorite. It's great, but not my favorite.

    I Don't Give A: Luv it! I really wanna see her singing this fast live! Nicki's rap is great too.

    I'm A Sinner: One of my favorites, specially when she name the saints. It reminded me the 80's Madonna, actually the whole album reminde me and that's amazing!

    Love Spent: Another favorite. It's almost impossible to believe that the same artist who did this, did Spanish Lesson too.

    Masterpiece: In love with this. Very radio friendly too. Go UK!

    Falling Free: I think it's very different of everything she done. So thumbs up!

    Beautiful Killer: It's more than a filler but it doesn't compete with the rest.

    I Fucked Up: Why this is not on the standard edition? I love it so much! It made me cry, it's so sincere.

    B-Day Song: I like it very much. It's all about fun! MIA voice is so cute, make me wanna squeeze her!

    Best Friend: Liked very much, im my opinion should be just one album. This standard/deluxe situation is confusing.

    Overview: The best album I heard in my life. I am so proud of being a Madonna fan right now. Is not about charts and sales but what music makes us feel. An I am in heaven, thank you Godonna.

  9. We gotta reignite this album thread for us four or five bitches who will be dying for the first time tOmorrow. I swear I had a harder time saying no to MDNA leaks than I ever have to a hot ass.

    Oh yes! I hope they release before midnight, I can't take it anymore! I'm dying to hear Gang Bang and Love Spent!

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