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  1. Anyone have pics of the BTW Ball crowds, so that we could compare them to MDNA's?...And then laugh?
  2. I've been asking the same question too. South Africa is long overdue for two doses of M. Gags is going down there later this year. So M needs to upend her.
  3. True tea. By the way, this venue is actually located in Bærum, not Olso. Sorry to sound like a geography nerd.
  4. It gets that hot in Switzerland? I thought being nestled in the mountains would allow for the Swiss to have much cooler weather.
  5. So Russia has laws against gays? I thought the US was the only extremely homophopic country in the world.
  6. I don't get what's going on in Russia but... All hail the Queen of Controversy!
  7. I agree with every one of you. Where will Gaga, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Beyonce, Ke$ha, P!nk, Kelly Clarkson, Shakira, Xtina, and even Adele be 30 years from now?
  8. How is Ukraine one of Europe's poorest countries? I thought it's as well-off as other Eastern countries like Romania and Bulgaria. Not many Western artists go to Ukraine. I think only Beyonce managed to perform there. Sorry for being off-topic here.
  9. Didn't Hung Up get a good amount of airplay as well? If I remember correctly, the vid for HU was all over MTV's TRL back in the day.
  10. GMAYL was at least in the Top 10 on the Billboard singles chart. Doesn't that make the song a hit?
  11. Wow. That stadium looks massive. What's M's popularity like in Ukraine?
  12. ^Does that mean that the roof on the stadium was off during her show? Often, from what I hear, retractable stadium roofs are usually closed during M's concerts.
  13. I think M should go to San Sebastián and do a show at Estadio Anoeta. Lots of big acts have played there. I'm surprised that she hasn't played at Camp Nou, which is the gradest stadium in all of Barcelona. I don't see why M can't just tour for two straight years. A lot of legendary acts have toured for at least two years on the backs of flop albums.
  14. Were there any stands set up for this show? Personally, I love GA. But not every concert-goer likes to do standing-room-only.
  15. Just for my own curiousity, Carta. Which cities and venues had been tapped for M's now-cancelled Aussie tour? Was she supposed to go to Adelaide? Was she booked for ANZ Stadium or Sydney Football Stadium in Sydney? Was she booked for Suncorp Stadium or Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre in Brisbane? Was she booked for Eithad Stadium in Melbourne? Was she booked for Patersons Stadium or nib Stadium in Perth? Can you tell us for sure?
  16. M should've done the LG Arena instead of this small, inferior venue.
  17. I'm sure there will be an official DVD release. Hopefully, it will be filmed during the North American leg, and not (again) on the South American leg.
  18. Couldn't she do Croke Park?
  19. That's exactly my worry. Has P!nk surpassed M in terms of drawing power?
  20. Awwww. I was hoping that the official DVD for this tour be filmed in North America, in New York, Los Angeles, or Toronto. If I recall correctly, the only concert DVD she ever filmed in North America was for the DWT.
  21. Well, there's a new 15.000-capacity arena that's going to be built in Copenhagan. Hopefully, it will get built once Madonna does her next big tour. So M won't have to go all the way to Horsens, Malmo, Herning, or Aarhus. But I don't know when (or if) this new arena will get built. Maybe some Danes here know better?
  22. Technically, M could tour Thailand/Philippines/Malaysia/Taiwan/Singapore in early 2013. Right after Australia. However, I'm thinking that she might want to rest up after hitting Down Under. As a result, she might tour Asia in April/May/June. Is the Southeast Asian weather different during April/May/June than during January/February/March?
  23. Is M at least beating Gaga's combined grosses for Monster Ball tour and the BTW Ball tour? I refuse to look up Gaga's overall concert tour grosses because I don't trust Wikipedia.
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