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  1. Some of us have been saying that for two years now and have been having the shit ripped out of us by the LOONS who insist she can do no wrong. Thank heaves for true fans, who see it as it is, like me.
  2. I can wait until October 2011 or March 2012 for a new album. March is a good month for seminal Madonna releases; April is the month when she's released her biggest flops. If this film takes her through this year, she'll no doubt be doing the rounds of promotion for it the first half of next year. I might even be enthused at the prospect of another tour by 2012.
  3. It would certainly be an IMPROVEMENT on the PISS POOR efforts we've had for the past two years.
  4. One of the best photo shoots in a long time but it's further proof that she really has LOST THE PLOT. She has fuck all to promote and she does something like this yet when she has something to promote, she does FUCK ALL
  5. It's hardly fair to include unreleased stuff - as she's said, those things are unreleased for a reason. However, from the stuff that's officially been released.... Love Don't Live Here Anymore Did You Do It Don't Stop Inside Of Me Let Down Your Guard History One More Chance Little Star Cyberraga I'm So Stupid Issac Hey You Celebration Revolver
  6. Britney Spears 'wants own Glee episode' Friday, April 23 2010, 14:51 BST By Catriona Wightman, Entertainment Reporter Britney Spears is reportedly hoping for an episode of Glee based on her songs. An edition of the show featuring nine Madonna tracks aired in the US earlier this week and the cast is releasing an EP of the cover versions. Spears's manager Adam Leber has now asked fans whether they would like a Britney episode. Writing on Twitter, he said: "Do you guys want to see a Britney Spears episode of GLEE? Thoughts?" Meanwhile, Us Weekly reports that the 'hashtag' Leber invented,
  7. Along with a lot of other meloncholic, droning, dross.
  8. Wizzend old cunt - I'd call her pretentious and overrated.
  9. As I've said before, Madonna will be seen as the precursor to Lady Gaga just as Debbie Harry was seen as the precursor to Madonna. Someone ALWAYS comes along and takes things to a new level. Madonna had a good run but she became too complacent due to the lack of serious competition and as Liz Smith says, at 51 it would be ridiculous for her to try and compete now.
  10. BEST TOUR EVER - marred only by the fact that she obviously doesn't think so as it's never been released on DVD.
  11. Madonna: 'Sticky & Sweet Tour' Released on Monday, March 22 2010 By Mayer Nissim, Entertainment Reporter Another Madonna tour, another live CD/DVD package on the shelves. Following the groove set by I'm Going To Tell You A Secret (from the American Life-pimping Re-Invention tour) and The Confessions Tour (unsurprisingly showcasing tracks from her Confessions On A Dance Floor record), it's abundantly clear that Madonna is yet again set on spotlighting the here-and-now. Well, the Argentina and two-years-ago anyway - with the setlist from these December '08 gigs naturally heavy on tracks
  12. I've only just read this and was both shocked and saddened - she was Madonna's best manager after Freddy, steering her back from the Erotica/Sex backlash and through the second phase of her career as an unrivalled female act. Guy Osearey drove Maverick into the ground and is doing the same to Madonna's career.
  13. It's the journo's fault for saying Like It Or Not sounds like Goldfrapp Rather than dissing Madonna, Alison just sounds more bored by being asked the same question. Not that I'm defending the cunt, I've always thought she was WAY OVERRATED and it's pleasing to see the PRETENTIOUS SHREW flopping at last.
  14. Hard as it is to believe, I've been there since the beginning. I saw the video for Burning Up on The Tube back in 1983 and thought WOW. I then read an feature on her in The Face magazine and thought she had something. The first record I bought was the 12" for Holiday and then got the album in the spring of 1984 - the guy in the shop said that her next album would be produced by Sly 'N' Robbie and I told him it was being produced by Nile Rodgers. I was so looking forward to the Like A Virgin album, HMV put it on the racks on the Saturday before it's official release date on the Monday and I
  15. I may buy it when it's going cheap - which should be within the next couple of weeks
  16. Just placed a big amazon order for the Easter weekend and I intended to get this but when I looked at the tracklisting I remembered how shit the show was so skipped it.
  17. Honey the Rolling Stones and U2 both had bigger tours than her and they're also acts that no longer sell records like the use to.
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