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  1. That's actually the link for the GS photos I posted the other day...
  2. I came across a video with some guy called Daylyt (no idea who he is) going all "don't you ever disrespect my man like that, my n**** -- I'll break your f***ing neck. On Crip."
  3. 1993 • Neal Preston • The Girlie Show http://mab.to/n1BUVT2or
  4. The "on this floor" bit in that version of Best Night is everything !
  5. I can totally see it being a digital tourbook to download on some app..
  6. There's a good basis, my assumption that she's just learnt the skill is based on the bent arms and legs, and also her head pops out when she's supposed to be in a handstand position ( I'm a gymnastics judge, so I see these things right away ) The roundoff is pretty good though.
  7. Interesting discussion here... As far as I'm concerned, "new" doesn't necessarily mean "better". It can, but it's certainly not a rule in any way. I mean : there is current music out there that is unbearable to listen to because of the amount of cheese too, yet it has nothing to do with the 80s. Also, the amount of music that samples or rehashes stuff from previous decades is impressive - it's been going on for years now, it's all about recycling, and a 2015-ish doesn't change much to a piece of music that comes from an 80s track. Of course there's some amazing (brand new) music being pr
  8. Not so much actually, she probably just learnt the skill, needs a lot a of polish
  9. I've been wondering the same question for ages
  10. You mean the "Yass QUEEN ! SLAY MAMACITA" people ?
  11. Spotlight is LIFE ! It's one of those songs I can't help but play like 5 times in a row.
  12. https://instagram.com/p/3jTAoCmEcJ/
  13. The colorful background with "log on to tinder for credits"
  14. I was thinking of advertising my coming back here with an app exclusive, but hey, I'm old-school
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