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  1. Just checked my twitter timeline, there wère like 10 tweets about it, screencap included. Annoying as fuck.
  2. Yes, it's been on the usual news outlets here, including the guy's uncensored photo
  3. Just like they did yesterday for the military parade
  4. That poll is totally made-up to back the far right agenda up.
  5. The RTL radio just aired the interview of a woman explaining how she and her baby daughter managed to get out of the truck's way in a split second. Heartbreaking.
  6. I was so appalled to see people using the app at Auschwitz... seriously
  7. The photos and videos are out there. It's up to you to look them up if you want to see them. The decision not to publicly spread them has to do with decency.
  8. It's not as popular, in that you don't have the same big gatherings you have for a soccer game.
  9. And I don't think we're nowhere near seeing the end of it all.
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