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  1. And do TRUST AND BELIEVE had this forum been around in 1989 this forum would've been a madhouse. "OMG LAP ONLY went to number one for 3 weeks but the song and video are her best EVER. I thought it would beat LAV 6 week run at number one. She's a flop if she can't beat LAV with THIS masterpiece. OMG LAP is only at 4 million in sales. True Blue sold 7 million and Like A Virgin 10 million....does this mean since the 80's are over she is also since her sales keep declining with each album!??!?!" MAYBE PAULA ABDUL IS THE NEW QUEEN OF POP FOR THE 90'S....AFTER ALL HER ALBUM SOLD WHAT TRUE BLUE SOLD. PAULA IS THE NEW MADONNA!!!" Madonna's old now. I'll be forever your girl Paula!!! :)"

    so funny.....and the Erotica years around here would've been a real hoot I'm sure....lol

    The 1989 charts debates were just like that!

    I collect album reviews and sales data comparisons since the LAP era:

    that album was often labelled as a disappointment, there are many reviews


    "Ok, she tried to shock us with the first single and video, so the album went to no.1. Then she spent millions of dollars for the second video, but the song flopped (= it didn't catch the no.1 spot). Now we've got a third single and video, in which she tries to be sweet smiling among dolphins. But there's a fact: LAP is struggling to sell a half of what TB did, and Madonna lost her identity. USA has its new Madonna now: Paula Abdul. She sings better than Madonna, she dances better than her".

    Other pearls:

    "Be careful, Madonna, you are 30 and a series of 20yo newcomers is ready to steal your crown. Their names are Martika, whose Toy Soldier is a tremendous hit, Jody Watley, Tiffany".

    "Promise To Try" composed for the fans of Debbie Gibson, because she's a copycat of her ballads.

    "Madonna is trying to recupe her lost fans, tired of her sex/religion exploits, so her new single Dear Jessie is a baroque and her new video is a cartoon, but it is already a flop".

    "Madonna recycled the vogueing and released a catchy but forgettable song. But the real winner of this 1990 is Sinead O'Connor"

    "Nobody is interested to a Madonna greatest hits because everybody owns the albums. She was forced to realize a porno video trying to sell her GH"


  2. It's not reasonable to pick the best selling album of recent times and say anyone can do the same. When the glass ceiling was 16 million with Jagged Little Pill (mid 90's) Madonna was normally scoring 2-4 million in sales. Struggling to reach 1 million today, when 6 million is the glass ceiling and America's sweetheart Mariah Carey may not make 2 million, sounds accurate to me. It's only going to get worse, anyway.

    So true. Madonna always had someone selling more than her, "seasonal phenomenons" or masterpieces. Selling 600K now remains a sad thing, but...

    1984 Bruce Springsteen “Born in the U.S.A.” 15×p

    1984 Prince “Purple Rain” 13×p

    1984 Madonna “Like A Virgin” 10xp

    1986 Bon Jovi “Slippery When Wet 12×p

    1986 Madonna “True Blue” 7xp

    1989 Janet Jackson “Rhythm Nation 1814” 6×p

    1989 Madonna “Like A Prayer” 4xp

    1990 Garth Brooks “No Fences” 17×p

    1990 Madonna “The Immaculate Collection” 10xp

    1990 Madonna “I'm Breathless” 2xp

    1992 Whitney Houston & V.A. “The Bodyguard” 20×p

    1992 Kenny G “Breathless” 12×p

    1992 Madonna “Erotica” 2xp

    1994 Hootie and the Blowfish “Cracked Rear View” 16xp

    1994 TLC “CrazySexyCool” 11xp

    1994 Boyz II Men “II” 12×p

    1994 Green Day “Dookie” 10xp

    1994 The Offspring “Smash” 6xp

    1994 Madonna “Bedtime Stories” 3xp

    1995 Alanis Morissette “Jagged Little Pill” 17×p

    1995 Jewel “Pieces of You” 12xp

    1995 Shania Twain “The Woman in Me” 12xp

    1995 Mariah Carey “Daydream” 10xp

    1995 No Doubt “Tragic Kingdom” 10xp

    1995 Madonna “Something To Remember” 3xp

    1996 Matchbox Twenty “Yourself or Someone Like You” 12×p

    1996 Celine Dion “Falling into You” 11xp

    1996 2pac “All Eyez On Me” 9×p

    1996 Madonna & V.A. “Evita” 5xp

    1998 Garth Brooks “Double Live” 20×p

    1998 Dixie Chicks “Wide Open Spaces” 12xp

    1998 *NSYNC “*NSYNC” 11xp

    1998 Kid Rock “Devil Without a Cause” 11xp

    1998 Madonna “Ray Of Light” 4xp

    2000 Linkin Park “Hybrid Theory” 16×p

    2000 *NSYNC “No Strings Attached” 11xp

    2000 Britney Spears “ Oops!… I Did It Again” 10×p

    2000 The Beatles “1” 10×p

    2000 Madonna “Music” 3xp

    2003 Norah Jones “Come Away With Me” 10xp

    2003 Madonna “American Life” 1xp

    2005 Carrie Underwood “Some Hearts” 7×p

    2005 Mariah Carey “The Emancipation Of Mimi” 6xp

    2005 Madonna “Confessions On A Dance Floor” 1xp

  3. I thought it was due to the fact that in a couple of countries, the album was released earlier than their charting week, so it registered sales from those countries the week before it was released in the rest of the world?

    Yes, in France FNAC sold HC two days before its European release.

    In Italy it was released the 25th April too, but those copies were added to the chart of 04th May, while in France they were counted for the 27th April chart (37K copies, enough for #1).

    So that 44K are 90% from France.

  4. It was HUGE in Portugal also... I know that in Spain and France she did also well... how much did she sell in UK? I guess she did well there too, no?

    Let's consider the three biggest markets in the EU:

    In France GGGB sold 150K, more or less (april 08).

    In Germany she's 1xP (200K).

    In Uk she sold 558K copies in 2007 and 195K in 2008 (end of april estimations at Haven). So 750K circa.

    But, at the time of the EU certification, she was "only" 2xP (600K, february 2008).

    So, the 3xP cert is probably a mistake.

    As a comparison, COADF Vs GGGB in the three EU biggest markets:

    UK --> 1.3M Vs. 750K

    D --> 600K Vs 200K

    F --> 800K Vs 150K

    Total 2.7M Vs 1.1M

    But IFPI: 4M Vs 3M

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