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  1. Having read his description of the album, I understand why M seems so confident and proud for this album! I’m glad she chose someone like him instead of some hot of the moment producers everybody else is using...
  2. Love it!!! Its got great production and the beat is super infectious! Wish I could understand the chorus part in Spanish though lol,
  3. Could it be that “X” represents an album of her collaborations with other artists?? It appears this album will feature a lot of those (Maruma, Anita, Drake, etc.)
  4. http://townhall.com/news/entertainment/2015/12/18/aps-top-albums-of-2015-troye-sivan-kendrick-lamar-adele-n2095226 5. "Rebel Heart," Madonna: Most icons dropping albums in 2015 are misses, but Madonna's "Rebel Heart" is a contemporary classic that puts albums from other female artists half her age to shame. It's unfortunate that Top 40 radio stations didn't play the many hits this album could have provided, from "Bitch I'm Madonna" to "Joan of Arc."
  5. Thank you for posting and typing this amazing info!
  6. http://www.mtv.com/news/2616673/ya-authors-music-video-inspiration/ 22 YA Authors Reveal Their Secret Music Video Inspirations Veronica Roth, Marissa Meyer, Margaret Stohl, and other rock stars of YA share the music videos that rock their worlds. Many Madonna references..
  7. The direct sonic influence is hard to find, but one of the chief inspirations for 25 was Madonna's Ray of Light. "You know what I found so amazing about that record?" Adele says. "That's the record Madonna wrote after having her first child, and for me, it's her best. I was so all over the place after having a child, just because my chemicals were just hitting the fucking roof and shit like that." She felt detached from her artistic self. "I was just drifting away, and I couldn't find that many examples for myself where I was like, 'Fuck, they truly came back to themselves,' until someone was
  8. The 2nd show in Bangkok is selling great.. Only some in the worst sections left.. I'm sure it will be sold out..
  9. Just heard the 2nd date in bkk was a go ... Probably will be officially announced after the first sold out..
  10. Bangkok Feb 9th Here and it's my BD ^_^
  11. Insiders said tix were sold out for Feb 9 Bangkok. But it appeared some blocks of seats have been reserved for later booking dates.. In any case there will likely be aother date here..
  12. All these 5 stars reviews are making me both super excited and nervous. I mean she's coming to some Asian nations for the very first time the expectations are already high here but these kinda reviews make them even much higher. I hope she still gets pumped up by the end of the tour and kicks everybody's ass here as well!
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