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  1. MadCrazy

    Article: How Was RHT Designed

    Thank you for posting and typing this amazing info!
  2. Bangkok Feb 9th Here and it's my BD ^_^
  3. All these 5 stars reviews are making me both super excited and nervous. I mean she's coming to some Asian nations for the very first time the expectations are already high here but these kinda reviews make them even much higher. I hope she still gets pumped up by the end of the tour and kicks everybody's ass here as well!
  4. Just heard from a very reliable source that M is very likely to come to Bangkok for multiple shows at Impact arena in Feb 2016 Hope and pray it's coming thru... I can't believe after all these years she will eventually be playing in my city!!
  5. Love the video!! M does it again!
  6. MadCrazy

    Lovely article about M

    Wow! This is so touching.
  7. MadCrazy

    Coachella thread [continued]

    Nick is a fan. Recently he said he wished to work with M
  8. Wow! She's been giving so much this era!! I'm speechless...!
  9. Great news about that actor joining & it's about time we get another epic cinematic video! Can't wait!
  10. MadCrazy

    Huffington Post interview

    Thanx for posting this! Holiday, Hung up or La isla bonita could've been on the list of "Her most iconic songs" though... Also looking forward to seeing her on Dave's show soon!!
  11. MadCrazy

    New York Times Interview!!!!

    Looking forward to the song on West's album!! Wow! She's so generous these days!!
  12. Thank you so much for the scans of the interview!