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  1. very very good - this is shaping up to be a great video era
  2. ^ Pud totally agree and would be genius and subversive at the SB!
  3. Didn't expect to like MIA and Minaj as much as I do in this but adding them to the video/song seemed to be a good idea...they add an extra fun factor to it. Liking the song more and more - definitely not one of her best lead off singles but miles better than 4minutestosuckmycock
  4. ^ Agree whoopie but that's why a subversive way of slipping it into a song (ala Music/WTP) would be cool, just for the fans - course, it'll never happen but she is a NYer at heart And Tom Hardy is mine by the way - called dibs on him a looooong time ago - nice try
  5. And it's official - Pats vs Giants - replay of 2008 Superbowl - should be great game I like the idea of 'I Love NY' in the setlist - maybe like a quick intro or something or like how 'Where's the Party' was used in 'Music' for Confessions ;-)
  6. Steven Tyler is getting blasted for his National Anthem rendition today - I don't know what people expected (it's fuckin Aerosmith frontman, people) but it's merciless. No way Madonna is NOT lipsynching or HEAVILY supported w/tape and backup vocals. Her career could be in jeopardy if she tries to go without it, and that's not an overstatement.
  7. ^ hehe - why not just borrow Ru's acronym? Charisma Uniqueness Nerve Talent


  10. So you say you're single? :flirt:

  11. single and ready to mingle - Madonna fans, hit me up!

  12. If she was to do any Christmas song, it had to be SB. Total 'sequel', in the public's eye at least, to Material Girl. I just heard a RuPaul version of this and it is the worst hot mess of a song ever...trust me, Madonna's version is not bad at all!
  13. Yea, really. I know this board is so anti-Janet the last few years but she still put on a good show back in the early 00s and on the whole, yes I had a more enjoyable experience at a Janet show. Heaven forfend!
  14. Missed u too cutie... Ok, I said that mostly to get a reaction out of you cause I know how much you love DWT but having said that, it is my least favorite tour. I honestly do not watch ANY of the performances from that tour anymore whenever I want a live Madonna fix. the whole stage persona at the time just wasn't workin for me - sorry. And yes, I got what it was about but as someone said, it wasn't a concert. It was Madonna performing TO the audience, rather than getting them to join WITH her. I remember at the time Janet was also on tour and I went to see her show soon after Madonna's show. And while I gave Madonna credit for doing what she wanted and not performing any of her big hits, I had much more fun at Janet's show (God, did I just type that?). Anyway, love her always and forever but if DWT was forgotten as part of her canon, I wouldn't notice or care. There, flame away!
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