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  1. Cannot believe Nas has done a track with Madonna. I bow down. Cannot wait to hear it as I think the demo already sounds amazing.
  2. what would it matter if she is a UK citizen? They have loads of yanks performing. Or are you referring to being awarded?
  3. I gotta say the past few albums I havent really been that bothered or excited by the music/image/videos (except the MDNA tour) However, this time round its pretty fuckin exciting I think maybe cos shes is doing all the promo and it actually feels like she loves this album instead of just rolling one out for the sake of it (like the last 2 records) Also, the image so far is her best since ROL. FACT.
  4. I think its oe of her best songs in years. It gets stuck in my head for days at a time
  5. I love Body Shop it doesnt sound like anything shes done before. I also hope Back that Up stays. Both are great.
  6. Back that Up and Best Night really need to be on the album. After a few weeks of listening (in demo form) I think its safe to say this is her best album since ROL, so so many great songs.
  7. I actually like the idea of her not going on tour this year, so that she devotes the year to the album and tours next year. Like ROL (had she toured in 99)
  8. not feeling those corsets, look a bit dated. Was hoping for some great styling like the Interview shoot, not middle aged goth hooker will wait and see, who knows whats true at this point.
  9. this must have been when the other songs leaked?
  10. she should keep with the white eyebrows and style of the Interview shoot. I hate when she dresses in character its too gimmicky. Also anything will be better than that teenager outfit she had on for the MDNA promotion (that facebook interview)
  11. Guardian writer Nesrine Malik just wrote another scathing article about Madonna's supposed "cultural appropriation" only she probably thought she would receive overwhelming support when in actual fact the MAJORITY of the comments have said what an idiot this journalist is and that Madonna is guilty of absolutely nothing. Oh well, nothing like bad press as they say sorry if that was already posted about. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jan/06/madonna-cultural-appropriation-cliche-iggy-azalea?CMP=fb_ot
  12. so is the grammys confirmed? give a fuck about the instagram thing, will be forgotten by the morning.
  13. its such a good song, could have easily been the lead single.
  14. I hope she films it on location and its not just a studio based performance video.
  15. VVV is such a great song I think, it sounds really cool. If its true that NAS is reworking it then I will pass out with excitement.
  16. @ that Xtina shoot, she would LOVE to be photogenic but she just isnt AT ALL anyways, back to Madonna, the imagery she has delivered over the past few months is EASILY her best since the 90s if you ask me. the RH album cover is just INCREDIBLE her best cover since Erotica, without question.
  17. the different versions she is posting on Insta are funny
  18. I dont agree about her vocals, they sound amazing, reminds me of Rescue Me. Best her vocals have sounded in a long time.
  19. I agree, ive heard it a few times and still cant remember how it goes. I like the idea of her doing a 90s throwback (a sound which she didnt even do IN the 90s) but it lacks a melody to me.
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