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  1. She will love the attention she will now be all about the live performances. I don't know why people are being so aggy. The album is out that's it, enjoy the whole thing. It's a madness. She's made an incredible album.
  2. Her performance will wipe the floor. No way she is doing all this promo without being number 1 again. Cannot wait
  3. I think all the leaks have (media wise) made this album a massive event. News of her is everywhere. Add to the fact this is easily her best work since ROL/Music. Hard candy and MDNA seem like such non events compared. Knowing she is gonna promote this like mad is insane. I cannot wait to see this tour. I have never cared to see her since my one and only time in 2001.
  4. Beautiful scars would be a perfect Madonna single is it on the regular version? VVV is so good with NAS. Still unreal that she's done a tune with the greatest hip hop artist of the last 20 years.
  5. Wow I fuckin love this album. Possibly my favourite since Music. Some tracks u could do without but on a whole I love it. It sounds very cohesive actually which I didn't think was possible based on the demos.
  6. She should use the Grammys to announce to the world the whole album will be available on Monday. Shes gonna get asked about it in the press conference or whatever so just use that to promote the whole thing plus it will be mentioned in all the media the morning after.
  7. I had no idea it had leaked and im part of this forum nobody outside of die hards will even know as Mmmm said. I would probably wait til after the Grammys and release the whole thing then.
  8. a Brits performance is exactly what she needs in the UK. Looking forward to this and having the papers PRO Madonna again which they havent been since COADF Shes going alll out in the era, very exciting.
  9. so excited to see her working with this new directing team. Fuck klein you can almost see exactly what his video would look like.
  10. watch Gag make tony bennet perform Do what you want with my body and tell the old git its an old jazz classic recently unearthed
  11. Little Monsters would not only have scanned the issue by now, they would have had parts of it tattooed on their obese sagging bodies already. Madonna fans are crap.
  12. she looks amazing but fuck that hair. she either needs versace hair or the Interview hair.
  13. she looks so good with short hair like that
  14. that model has worked with M.I.A a few times.
  15. The promo has begun !! Best era since ROL for me so far.
  16. Oh fuckkkkkk her visuals and promo this time is unreal !!!!!
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