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  1. Time moves on, so slowly’ … Madonna performing in Turin in November Photograph: Alessandro Di Marco/EPA Jude Rogers Wednesday 25 November 2015 05.38 EST Last modified on Wednesday 25 November 2015 05.42 EST 1. Borderline Madonna’s first great song isn’t one of her greatest performances. It feels odd saying that, given that choosing 10 of her best songs is, if you like her, almost impossible. She’s been so many different Madonnas, after all. There’s the sculpted dominatrix, glossy in monochrome, with music to match. The Marilyn Monroe mole above the lip. The ambitious pop blonde. The
  2. Love him even more. She really doesn't get enough credit.
  3. Australia (the movie) is awful. As is that Princess Grace film. Madonna would have been bad in this films Kidman has had some fantastic performances, and i love her, but she is in way the model citizen for acting.
  4. Blasphemous!!They're classics!!! And should be included!!!
  5. It's really nothing new. It's a short 1 minute clip Talks about how she's like a real boss. Doesn't like weakness. It's like a challenge, and she wants you to challenge her back. "I want this. I like that. You sit there and shut up and listen."
  6. She wasn't even confirmed yet while in the womb and it has her confirmation name on it!
  7. Don't know if someone had already made a post about this, but I was at Barnes & Nobles just to browse, and came across this book: It's called Madonna: Ambition.Music.Style http://www.amazon.com/Madonna-Ambition-Music-Caroline-Sullivan/dp/1780975635/ref=sr_1_5?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1447615681&sr=1-5&keywords=Madonna It's new! All retrospective, it even covers information on Rebel Heart! Just thought I'd share for those that like buying everything Madonna. Plus the Holiday season is approaching! There's a lot of photos, and it's not just press and live photos eit
  8. On celebration: Borderline Like a Virgin Crazy For You And Open Your Heart Are all lifted directly from The Immaculate Collection Maybe someone else can back this up. but from what I've noticed from listening to TIC over the years, is that when Shep went to work on TIC, he based a lot of the songs (like Borderline, Virgin, Material, La Isla, Papa, etc....) on the remixes/12" mixes. It's like he edited them down, and scaled down the remix elements. Like the extra percussion in the virgin remix isn't on the immaculate mix, but the twinkle sounds during the chorus on the remix are present
  9. You should look at Nightshades timeline. There were plans for the bedtime story video very early on, I think during the release of Secret. I think it was always M's intention to release BS as a single with a big video.
  10. Sticky Cardiff is good I went through so many RIT bootlegs back in 2004.
  11. I think bluejean is talking only about audio bootlegs Those are the ones i have on my Computer
  12. Celebration, Revolver, and Broken Are amazing!!!
  13. I actually have a folder of magazine clippings from that era I saved! One thing that I have to say is, experiencing an entire album era of Madonna's while being in HIgh school = prob the greatest thing ever! I was 15 and rushing home everyday to catch TRL to see Hing Up and Sorry at #1. Remember the auto voter? and then come holiday shopping, Macy's and Best Buy would play the songs allllll the time, not to mention Walmart aired the koko gig in stores. It was a magical time. American Life seemed like ages ago when we first learned of Hung Up in July. Everyone was craving new Madonna, and a
  14. But I'm just dancing, dancing with myself Oops! Wrong album
  15. I think they fixed Erotica on Spotify, but that warped opening in Dress You Up is still there
  16. This. That's why I love TIC. Celebration should have been this, or nothing but the single versions.The inclusion of some rarities like HU unmixed and Frozen unedited etc make it unique But other than that, it seems like a rushed effort, except for the beautiful artwork
  17. It's the chopped and fake edits that bother me.
  18. The Medley is amazing, as is Who's That Girl. It's shocking to read that some arn't fond of it.
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