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  1. My bf told me last week that AM New York had Joan of Arc listed as one of the best songs of 2015.
  2. How is this calculated though? And where does Shady Music Facts get any of their information? And why do they hardly ever post sources?
  3. It's great. You all would have loved it if it had t3o new tracks slapped at the end.
  4. It's actually the other way around! I use to say the same thing too, but people had the files mislabeled. Demo 1 03-2014 (3:29) (Acoustic) Demo 2 05-19-2014 (4:00) (Uptempo) [First Leaked Demo] Demo 3 07-2014 (3:27) (New Vox) Demo 4 (3:16) (End Cuts) Demo 5 (3:29) In bold is what leaked. Demo 5 is the one closest to the album version.
  5. Avicii is still on the album though. Heartbreak City, Messiah, Rebel Heart, Addicted, all produced by him. Devil Pray has a co-production from Blood Diamonds, but still has a lot of Avicii's elements.
  6. She never left us. She was always here.
  7. I actually never saw it as an improvement. I prefer the confessions version over the sticky one
  8. Girlie Show Rebel Drowned Confessions Who's That Girl Sticky I'm not forgetting any, am I?
  9. They only make these announcements when they use cranes, which will obstruct peoples views.
  10. Have a great time everyone!!! And feel better Chelle! Hate that you're not going
  11. If you are to go by the actual definition, then the clear answer (besides ToD) is Body of Evidence. "Have you ever seen animals make love Frank?" "Wish me lock?" "I couldn't compete!" "Frank, take the last donut." "Don't look so hurt, Alan. I fucked you, I fucked Andrew, I fucked Frank. That's what I do; I fuck. And it made me 8 million dollars!" "It gets easier, doesn't it Frank?" "Why watch strangers when you can watch frIends." It's her only studio film to have so many quotes. Ones that get used repeatedly here! It's so bad it's good, in a way lol
  12. I love a lot of them. But films like Pluto Nash, Kazaam, Norbit, Little Man, ..... those are pretty awful.
  13. That open your heat performance was everything! By far the best extra song to date! Beautiful! Just beautiful!!
  14. So this person waited 4 months to determine whether or not they wanted to buy this magazine, based on a chart position alone?
  15. Well? Are you going to share or not? I wanna cum too. Who is he?
  16. In the Papa Don't Preach music video..... So Madonna pops a squat in an old shipping yard to take a pregnancy test? Correct? Is that what I'm seeing, a pregnancy test in her hand? For as long as I can remember, and with all the thousands and thousands of repeated views during my youth, I don't think I ever noticed this before!
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