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  1. This, labies and genitals, is a fucking fact!
  2. Have you seen the tour in person? That mix has so much energy, it's fierce and compliments the attitude of the performance. It works. Trust me.
  3. What was it that you didn't like about the production in Holy Water and Illuminati, or even Auto-tune Baby?
  4. I want that banana

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  5. If Madonna's dropped a song, it's for a reason. It's why songs like Revenge and Like a Flower didn't make ROL. Madonna would even reffered to them in her 2005 Attitude Magazine interview as "cheesy demos." There's only been a few exceptions where she's taken old songs and put them on a later album. But they were heavily reconstructed (i.e. Is This Love-Voices). God forbid Madonna were to do this, she'd be ripped apart by her fans. As these demos seem to be so prized and precious to many fans, they would never accept a new version.
  6. Exactly, how is Kanye a DJ, or even Pharrell for that matter??
  7. MIA did it in 2007 Robyn did it in 2010 Beyonce did it in 2011 Chris Brown did it in 2011
  8. Well didn't Toby do the demo? I only listed him as the main because all that was added to final mix honestly was a refinement in instruments, and an exta drum/bass track.
  9. It's not a new trend. That sound dates back to 2007, heck even earlier than that
  10. watch the video I posted above. Garcia and Teenwolf talk about how Diplo asked them if they had any new music they could use. They sent over what they had, and Diplo sent them back the track but with M's vocals on top. like I said previously, I know a lot of songs have multiple producers involved. But I tried to limit the options to one person, and seeing that Garcia and Teenwolf had a larger part in the production, I decided to list them for just UB
  11. At 19 minutes in you'll learn more about the production:https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zK7haF45gLQ
  12. Avicci was the main producer during that production session. But some of his tracks were re-worked by other people. I only wanted to have diversity present in the poll options, and not make people scratch their heads in confusion when looking at the poll. I could have Avicci listed for Devil Pray and Borrowed Time, but Blood Diamonds really re-worked it into their own. I think the biggest problems I had were for Body Shop and Iconic. Iconic started out as a Toby Gad production, but Blood Diamonds remixed Toby's final demo for the album. In my opinion, Toby is more present on the album version
  13. I was thinking of doing an addition polll for the least favorite, but was afraid the thread would get ugly and turn negative. I think some of the low profile people like Toby Gad and Blood Diamonds really shined the most on the album, compared to some of the high profile people. But then I look at Kanye's work with Holy Water, SEX, and Illuminati and I'm just in awe over the production.
  14. This is based only on the released tracks. Not the demos. Who do you think was the best producer from Rebel Heart? I've been wanting to do this for a while now. It was kinda tricky as some songs are split between multiple teams. Go here for the full credits: http://www.madonna.com/newalbum
  15. I agree. There's lots of strong lyrics. But needs lots of wrong. It's how I felt about the first demo of Iconic. People were raving about it and I kept s thatching my head. It needed a lot of work!! Now it's become my favorite song on the album!!!
  16. Yeah, it's the underlining beat from the demo that you hear during that part. Funny I never noticed the similarity that demo and ITG have. It's faint, but when I replay it in my head, I can hear it.
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