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  1. im cool with whatever just as long as she goes on tour and that it airs on TV, live
  2. so its coming out the 24th?? not the 17th??
  3. actually, i just heard some good news the video will debut tomorrow on TRL!!!
  4. its released on MTV.com and VH1.com as of now, its the #1 most viewed video on VH1.com
  5. im getting worried MTV and VH1 have yet to play the video.....
  6. radio stations tried to do advanced play of 4 minutes, but they were contacted by Warner to stop playing it
  7. where can i find an autoclicker???
  8. thats what i was thinking i could see this whole candy-store/willy wonka factory type set for the opening section
  9. At first, i thought it would have been Candy Shop, but after seeing the promo tour peformance, i had a feeling she would change it up for the tour So now im getting the vibe that it will be Give it 2 Me thats what im thinkin
  10. the crowds in WTG DVD were amazing maybe she should do that again, film 3 different shows and mix it all the fuck up
  11. yea, i have a feeling it will be some Latin American date either that or NY (which we are due to have)
  12. i think it will do miles better than Sorry
  13. ? honey, shes only done it twice... why would she do it a third time?????????
  14. please do i dont ever want him to direct one of Madonna's videos, ever again
  15. i dont see the crime with him directing the tour atleast hes not doing choreography
  16. i know right id totally have her pop out of a cake, in the nude!!! then hump it
  17. i can see that happening in the opening of the show, sorta she'll come down to the catwalk, there will be baskets filled with candies, she'll grab a handfull and throw them at us, trying to break our cameras
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