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  1. is she unable to sing it live or something??? dont understand this girl anyway, enough complaining from me cant wait to see this performance
  2. yes, she needs to do the album version LAP while i cant see that fitting in with the theme of the tour it would be an AMAZING tour closer with a band and dancer introduction like in GST
  3. nah the broadcast most likely wont happen till like, what, during the fall? GI2M will be 6 feet under byt then
  4. She did with COAD, and she looked like she had alot of fun during the promo I dont understand why she couldnt do it again
  5. Call Madonn up and tell her this
  6. hmm, i find this pretty sketchy Was Incredible ever part of the setlist? i dont think so......
  7. do you have access to mediabase??
  8. This whole era is horrible i want it to be done and over with She just does NOT care i love the album, like the videos its just her friggin attitude
  9. the digitial single was released today we will find out if its over when we know the figures
  10. no, your right i was following thebigham's "at this point" posts my mistake i thought Sorry has already passed all of them in airplay??
  11. YES!!!! I think this goes for everyone, its not the same anticipation as we had with RIT and CT this is completly different
  12. i can still access the quickcut page, do you have a link to the top 40 page??
  13. was it confirmed that she'll be doing the rock version???
  14. were close now, if i purchase it off Amazon (the digital) would it be ok, would it count??
  15. VERY IMPORTANT!!: requests@openhouseparty.com http://www.vh1.com/shows/series/top_20_countdown/vote.jhtml
  16. but im so stupid has never been performed, so its not it
  17. its a just a setlist atleast shes going on tour
  18. She's doing the same thing the way all her other tours (excluding RIT) were, have a long opening till the begining of the 1st song starts
  19. thats not news i think we all knew this from day 1 ofcourse candyshop was going to be performed, but it doesnt really work anywhere else in the setlist it works great as an opener but what ever happened to Heartbeat opening the show???
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