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  1. i was thinking that too, but she is siting on a piano during that performance
  2. "Old School," and harkens back to Madonna's early days in New York, with Scott's outfit and some vintage prints from Keith Haring, the late graffiti artist and friend of Madonna who died of AIDS in 1990. "He and Madonna were friends. If her were alive, it would be his 50th birthday as well. So I thought, 'What if we revisited that?'" HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!! this is gunna be amazing!!!
  3. while Borderline is a great "rocky/ska" re-invention of the classic 1983 ballad. that sounds way cool!!! Die Another Day, features exclusive new footage of Madonna as a boxeur, from the brand new photoshoot by Tom Munro for the Tour Book. would have liked steven klein's footage, but atleast its something new and it sounds good Originally supposed to play the piano herself on this song, Madonna will now be placed on the piano, reminessing a bit the Sooner Or Later performance from Blond Ambition. this is old news, cause i dreampt it would happen, this is gonna b
  4. what about # of stations playing and total spins
  5. everyone these days makes crappy videos as long as you have one, then your fine quality of the video has nothing to do with chart success bjork makes some of the best videos ever, but do you see her charting high in the states, or atleast, get airplay? have you seen gnarls barkley's new vid, "who's gonna save my soul?" a FANTASTIC video but thats not gonna help it get radio airplay heck, to be honest, it will get very little
  6. take it to another thread, thnx
  7. thnx madonna thnx heres another song to add to your wall of flops i betcha ya, in the front lobby at Warners, they have a hall dedicated just for her flops
  8. i dont have the ability to read your post is it that important??
  9. If Mariah were to announce her retirement, then it just may get on Billboard
  10. They only play music videos on 2 shows TRL, only 10 videos, same ones all the time, of songs that are in the top 40 on billboard And FNMTV
  11. it may just be cause MTV no longer is showing videos during late and early hours Thats how it was when the video premired on TRL, after that for like 2 weeks straight, they stopped playing videos in the morning
  12. i still think she should pee on a dancer
  13. is it a crime to give it a try??
  14. what i dont understand is why people arnt joining in together to get it on open house the song will move up, and gets LOTS of spins
  15. this is a mess she'll never clean it up warner wont touch the spill its too big for us to clean up i dont know what to think anymore im loosing it
  16. she should lick her nipples or urinate on a dancer
  17. the original vocals of ROL are amazing, but was she ever able to do the same live? no so that doesnt mean she cant try with Vogue
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