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  1. Has Z100 spun it at all today does anyone know?

    this is what someone from NY on Fanzine is saying about the station and playing the song:

    *URGENT NOTICE* So, once again I called Z-100 to request Madonna's "Give it 2 Me". This time though, I decided to ask that one particular D.J. (who happens to be a male) when will they start playing the song. He informed me that he honestly does not know WHEN AND IF they'll play the song. I informed him that the song is being played all over America, and that I am assuming that N.Y. isn't really responding to the song well. He replied that the song isn't getting requests BUT gaurantees it WILL be played if more people REQUEST it.

    So, there you have it. If you all want this song to succeed in America, I suggest we all continue to work just as hard as we we did with "4 Minutes". 1 thing that I will say about them "Lambs" is that even after the 1st single of any Mariah effort they CONTINUE to REQUEST singles after singles after singles. It doesn't take that long to simply put in or call in a request. I seriously feel that our energy RIGHT NOW should simply be on getting "Give it 2 Me" on American Radio. We're already at Summer here in the states and this song is PERFECT for this season.

    Let's do this!!!

  2. Speaking of everyone starting the show with a video (obviously copying madonna who copied U2's show) well did you see chrustina agricultures last show hahaha yes she started with a video of her putting on her redneck clown makeup and donning her tramp clothes, it had all the excitment and tension of a damp fart. God she is a shit live performer ha

    you actually watched that show???



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