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  1. Anyone not liking the idea of Guy O asking fans for advice for the new compilation??

    I like Guy, and im very happy that he's in charge of this release, but the fact that he's asking us fans for help is loosing hope from me

    I mean, Careese Henry had full control over the 20th anniversary boxset, that was all her idea, she didnt ask any fans for advice. And i must say, hiring Stuart Price to remaster all her albums to DVD audio surround sound, was a fantastic idea, too bad nothing was released :(

    But asking fans what songs should be included in the release, its kinda implying (to me) that its going to be a 1 disc collection :/

  2. i couldnt find the magazine!!!! :(

    while i was coming back from the city, i stopped at a news stand which carries W magazine, but they didnt have the new issue. They had a pile of the Brad one though.

    ugg, soooo angry!!!! Really wanted this issue too! :(

    Does anyone know for a fact it's out in the states???

    Im gonna have to visit both Barnes & Noble and Borders tomorrow

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