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  1. Anna H wrote:

    there is no definite release date or there would have been an official announcement by now. 'revolver' should be out by the end of next month and the video concepts are already in plan so the video shoot may also take part this june. keep track.

    if this is all true.

    WOW. im impressed how quickly this all went done. it seems just like yesterday that Madonna was in the studio.

    Cant wait to see this project infront of eyes and in my hands!!!

    BOOYA BABY! :thumbsup:

  2. The rest of the album is filler, but it's good filler!.......Words, Thief of Hearts, Fever, Where Life Begins, cool songs.

    The only time the album gets a bit dull for me is with In This Life and Secret Gayden.


    ok, "good filler" i'll except

    but secret garden dull?? c'mon!!!

    And i think im the only one here who is in LOVE with Theif of Hearts. Everytime i listen to Erotica, Thief of Hearts is always on repeat.

    When Madonna sings that "THIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF OFFFF HEEEAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR RRRR RRRRRRTTTTSS!", i have to rewind to the begining of that part over and over and over again. it's an orgasm. sex to my ears. just those 12 seconds.

  3. eroticalongbox.jpg

    i so wish it was still packaged liked that today

    i remember the immaculate collection longbox (nothing different really)


    Erotica. It's in my top 2 favorite M albums. Im always switching my #1 spot.

    From begining to end, Erotica is a joyful, pleasureful listen. I love it. The whole sound she was going for, especially in the Andre Betts tracks, its exquisite.

  4. From what I heard, when Caresse left, the whole idea of a box set was dropped and forgotten. Madonna never really wanted it.

    Was that Stuart thing ever confirmed? I'm not sure he ever worked with old Madonna songs outside of tour context...

    I forget where the info was released (or if it ever was) but i think it was from a MadonnaMad interview with Peter M

    Kevin Reagan even did work for the design and packaging

  5. guyoseary

    sitting here at my home with paul oakenfold... he has yet to twitter.. do you guys have any questions for the greatest dj on earth????

    about 2 hours ago from web

    i showed paul every single message you guys sent.. thanks.. im kicking him out now.. so no more messages for paul..

    about 8 minutes ago from web


    is he producing new tracks?

    is he remxing everything?

    or remastering everything?

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