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  1. is that your ass cheeks?

  2. My 83 year old grandmother dislikes her, and she still doesn't even know what a hashtag is!
  3. People have been pushing the "dislike button" on her even before there was a such button. I'm not exactly the biggest Hilary supporter myself, but it's silly to assume that people "hate" her without any reasoning, and do it any as a means to be "cool."
  4. Omg I see adults walking on the side of the road now with their cell phones in hand!!! Over the past few weeks I think I've seen more people pulling over than ever before. The lengths people will go for this..... I will say though At least it's getting kids out of the house Yet giving their parents high ass phone bills cause of all that data usage!! Tsk tsk!!
  5. That's what confuses me the most Karb Yeah I know how certain states cherish their precious guns But a gun that size shouldn't be allowed in public, no matter what the law is I didn't even think civilians where allowed to own guns like that It looks like a fucking AK!!
  6. Yes!!! Absolutely beautiful! I'm in awe over all the vigils I've seen over the Internet!
  7. 6-7 months ago it really looked like he had a chance. It's a shame how everything turned out. I don't like either of our 2 potential presedential nominees (kinda scary to say that). But I guess good luck to the Hills it seems
  8. The fact that the number grew is just horrendous! Fucking awful!I am completely broken inside over this news What the hell has the world come to? My heart goes out to everyone there What awful news to wake up to
  9. It's kinda clever! But those vein are such a turn off.
  10. I'm surprised she hasn't pandered to the McDonalds audience with happy meal toys
  11. I feel like I need to critique all rebuking videos!
  12. Oh most definitelyIt's just a shame that there's always people out there that always come up with this crazy plans to sue dining franchises, when there's real cases out there that arnt always served justice. Reminds me of this one lady from about 10 yrs ago that claimed she found a human finger in her Wendy's chili. Here she actually put it in there, and was doing this scheme at multiple Wendy's. The finger was actually her husbands!!
  13. This is absolute non sense. There are people who don't wash their hands after using the loo. That's a REAL issue
  14. It's always targets https://youtu.be/v1inmoke76E
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